3rd Safe Pod Hangout - SF + Montreal

Continuing the discussion from New POD starting in Washington DC:

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If DC can throw something together, I’ll add them! :slight_smile:


Building off of our last Hangout, we’ll go deeper into the API and core with Viv and David. Specifically, Viv will go over the API Authentication example

Looking forward to the Video edition

Just watched this. Super, thank you all, esp @Viv and to @dirvine for yet more amazing insights into what might be - you’ll have to watch to learn :slight_smile:

Great to hear another amazing sounding app ready to go - from one of the Montreal guys I think.

I also enjoyed learning a little about how C++ has changed in the last 12 years! Futures are new to me, but I could at least read the code which was very clear, esp with @Viv’s explanation.

I love the idea of being of almost any device being able to run a vault, and farm if only on for a few seconds. One of several @dirvine nuggets :slight_smile: