New POD starting in Washington DC

Quick announcement, I was speaking with Paul Dalton earlier this week and he will be starting a new SAFE pod in Washington DC. Paul is a part of start up hub 1776, an incubator designed to help budding entrepreneurs and this is where he plans to house the new hub. It is planned that the first event will take place during September.


Sounds like we should all plan to host events on the same date so that we can do the Google hangouts together. For now while there’s only a few of us pods, I think this format could work well. We could keep adding pods until we find it becoming unstable and then decentralize ourselves.


I would really like to organize the next meetup of MaidSafe Montreal at the same time as yours. We’ve done some tests last time and we can easily set up a webcam on one of the televisions at the Bitcoin Embassy for videoconferencing.

Do you have a date in mind for your next meetup? I’m currently in Roatan, Honduras but will be back on July 31.


Good idea @ioptio @frabrunelle, I’ll loop Paul in so that we can get a date that works for everyone.



I wanted to start one in Atlanta, where I was working, but decided to move to SF to help Paige in hers instead :smile:

But more people need to make these!!!

Great news on DC, you go!!!

Create the future!!


I was waiting to schedule the next one due to the possibility of traveling to Troon next week, but that is being pushed back a bit.

How does Sunday, August 10th sound?

11:00 PDT/14:00 EDT/19:00 BST

If we can confirm w/ @frabrunelle, Paul Dalton, @Viv and @dirvine, I will schedule the hangout.

And do you think this would be a good time to deep dive into API?


Sunday, August 10 (14:00 EDT for us) sounds good to me. I will confirm with the Bitcoin Embassy just to be sure.

@LeJacobRoy (an app builder for MaidSafe Montreal) and myself are very eager to see the API if it’s ready. I’m sure @erick is too.

I was actually planning to go to Troon at the end of August, but I haven’t booked anything yet. It could be a good idea to go around the same time. When are you planing to go?

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As soon as anyone has any info on this, please share it with the builder community. I’m eagerly chomping at the bit as well.


The best person to comment on the status (and projected status by the 10th of August) of the API is @Viv, who I know is insanely busy right now. Maybe he can chip in here and give his thoughts. It will also be good to try and link in with Paul Dalton here, he did advise that August is a poor month for productivity and availability in Washington DC, but it would be good to touch base all the same and give him the option.


Think 10th August should be fine for a hangout. We should have the Authentication Example ready by then and can illustrate that with the bootstrap process that dev’s might want to adopt for production apps and probably have a demo of the same and see it’s network behaviour via the visualiser tool.

Just to clarify a few points about the API’s (soz for the wall of text)-

We’ve got two API layers/levels. API-Project being one and the API’s via the submodules themselves. API project is meant to be the encapsulation layer that exposes the submodule functionality in an easier to use manner while going to the submodules directly might give you a lot more fine grain control at the cost of requiring more code/setup. Mobile/language ports initially would be a sibling layer to the API project exposing the subset they can cater for in their corresponding platforms.

Right now our primary focus is in the API-Project (C++) itself as in get it to be usable for dev’s to start making apps with and test/benchmark against the testnet’s(this is very important to test the networking submodules). Mobile Ports are being looked at in parallel by a team too. Now the submodule API’s for each project are at various stages of “usability” with say projects like Drive being much more rigid than say Vaults which sees a slightly more frequent change at it’s API. This is why we see some functional tests in our dashboard mount a network vfs drive and operate fine while we still don’t have the corresponding example out via the API project. They are detached and we hope to not have a complicated setup requirement when any functionality is exposed via the API project. With that intro:

I think this is something that’s constantly going to get updated (am not talking about general lib versioning here). Examples project should mark an identifier for when a feature is ready from the API project itself.

So for example once the Authentication example is out, we could have the next example showcase the VFS drive functionality. Now as an app dev if I wanted to create a cloud storage app, think I’d be sorted at this stage and should be fine to finish my app. However if I was wanting to create a chat application, I’d probably have to wait for an example that shows how the MPID parts of the system operate and function.

:smile: I’m sure you guys will be hearing about it ASAP as any new example comes out with a new feature highlight. This week should get the Authentication example out. We’ve had this sitting in a branch of the examples project for a while. Bootstrap changes required some re-factoring for a few sub-modules which impacted this one getting out.

The whole point of doing these sequential updates is to get the feedback from you guys about these features(usability/ease of understanding). So if any of the features seem unfit by the community, then you can be sure they will get altered accordingly to suit the requirements. Having a hangout with a new example release certainly helps here to clarify any initial doubts about the feature and it’s usage process by devs

Hope that clarifies some doubts on this topic.


I’ve verified with the @Bitcoin_Embassy and they say that August 10 at 14:00 EDT is perfect for them. I’ve scheduled a meetup on, Facebook and Google+. I will start inviting people and announcing the meetup when I get a confirmation from @ioptio.

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Phew! Sorry for delay… just got confirmation with the SF bitcoin devs to hijack a part of their weekly Sunday hack meetup.

Sunday, August 10th is on!

@Viv so we’re overviewing API Authentication example for this one? Maybe going over the dual-API topic as well so people are clear on that. Anything else?
@dirvine will you want to join from the core side of things? Anything specific that I can allude to in the hangout event description?

I think test net updates are always looked forward to but it could be redundant with the weekly updates on here.

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There are a load of things happening at the core, but the weekly updates may cover that I think. Perhaps if I attend and any questions on the core code, practices environments etc. can be answered. There have been pretty large improvements in rUDP, self encryption is under a pretty large re-factor and drive design change is in motion as well. On the vaults side routing has some big improvements, particularly bootstrap files etc.


I was supposed the attend the meet up in Montréal with @frabrunelle but unfortunately, no one can replace me at my sales job :frowning: . I will watch the recorded hangouts! Have fun :smile: .

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Sorry for the late reply, missed this thread’s notification.

I think this should be enough for the session as this with the bootstrap procedure itself would be quite a bit of info to get familiar with and @dirvine will be able to explain the core side of these actions too for anyone that wants to have a crack at the submodule layers for the same.

I think if we keep the hangout sessions specific to a topic it will help people who later watch them as a catchup. We often tend to sidetrack into other sections, while this is still useful info, unless we edit and catalog them accordingly, it kind of is annoying to watch back a session about say “Public Shares and it’s usages” to have half the session about how the crypto-currency operates.