SAFE Meet Up Groups

We’ve had some enquiries from people looking to start/continue meet up groups, potentially a new group in Seattle and the continuation of London with @aboynejames and @Andrius. MaidSafe bring these under our account(s) and pay the subs for the group, and each membership is limited to 3 meet up groups. There are a few which have had no meet ups or have become inactive, specifically: Amsterdam, Boston and San Francisco.

I was wondering if anyone on the forum wanted to pick up the baton for any of these groups before I remove them from our account to allow space for the new ones?

Many thanks.


I can offer this too until the end of the year.

I’ve paid for mine and can host one more under my account if anyone needs it

Just offering :slight_smile:

Next year if this Florida Pod gets going I might ask if I can use a MaidSafe spot :slight_smile:


Anyone in Munich wans to meet?

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And anyone in Berlin?

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I’d be interested in reviving the San Francisco meetup. I think I’d need help with ideas to format the meetings so that they are structured and engaging.

It would be lovely if Mozilla would allow us to use their pleasant community space like they do for Rust meetups.


That would be superb @hunterlester. Being a developer I think you would be a great fit for doing this and I’m sure everyone would be happy to give you ideas for meeting formats. This group has been dormant for a wee while so a good approach maybe to treat this as an entirely new group, covering high level concepts and architecture during the first session.

Another question to consider would be who to aim the group at? Some meet up leads have left it open to devs and non devs while others have targeted developers. That part would be up to you.

A while back I think Rackspace hosted one of the events, but maybe there are a few companies in the SF area that would support open source projects. Mozilla would also be great as you suggest.

Please let me know if you need anything else to get things up and running, spending 30mins on a call might make sense, just let me know in a DM. Cheers.


I’ll be back there to visit from time to time! Eventually want to buy another van home to leave there or something, so it’s easy to visit.

Pleeeeease make a once-or-twice-a-month SAFE SF Meetup and keep it alive!! Very important place to have one. Make it a manageable amount of time that works for you and please don’t let it die :slight_smile:

All we had to do was have some pizzas and snacks (I’m sure MaidSafe would help $) and we would have 20-50 people in SF show up. SF is a hotbed for this type of stuff. Downtown would be best but I know you’re in O-town and that’s really coming along for tech (also venues would be cheaper there) so I bet that would work out nicely also


also @hunterlester don’t forget MaidSafe or I can offer you a free page (normally costs $60)