SAFE Pod San Francisco #2


Thanks for posting this! How beneficial do we think editing the videos down would be for future interested devs?

The goal of these hangouts is to increasingly go deeper into the core and recap when necessary so we can be as efficient as possible.

Any feedback or ideas?

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I personally find it interesting, warts and all.

The one thing that I’m missing is a deep dive into the API…I’m trying to find interesting projects that might be a good fit, but not sure of how the interaction between an API and JavaScript operates.

I watched this particular video once, but missed any discussion on the API…do you have a time reference where that might have happened?

…and there’s no showcase examples for the API/JavaScript I’m told

For example IndiePhone showed interest, but couldn’t find a suitable example to try out.

To me, the lack of info on the interaction with an API is holding back the process of getting the concept out there for existing OPenSource projects that may be early adopters…so any info would be good.

Like yourself, I’m no programmer…so maybe there’s info in the docs that I cant recognise.

One of these conferences solely on the API would be very useful…planned ahead of time, could serve as a good reference for on-boarding.



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Yes, we will certainly go deeper into the API, no specific date but I don’t think it should be too long. In general, I’d like these videos to serve as beneficial for as may devs as possible. Ideally, if watched in order, it will be able to provide insight for devs working remotely who don’t have a pod to work with.

In reference to Sunday’s meetup, you’ll want to look for Viv’s presentation starting at minute 36.

There’s also this API general discussion from a couple months ago: - YouTube

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Thanks for that

This link goes to the start of the API presentation:

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Yep - I actually asked this in the hangout and there was a consensus that api discussion will really pick up once example 2 is out. It will be the first example using any of the APIs. I want to be involved in those discussions to add my .02 into what I’m expecting to be able to do and how I want to do as well as learn how others are expecting to interact (query, read, write) with data and all other aspects. Going to be fun :wink:

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Really appreciate you heading this up Paige. I find them very beneficial.

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For myself and looking at the comments so far I think these are less useful for developers ready to get their hands dirty, and more useful for those considering making that jump, or like me, who are technical and want to stay in touch with the technology / implementation but not actually dig into the code.

My guess is therefore that they are useful, and may provide a springboard for potential new developers.

Right. We’ll definitely go deeper for devs already interested in working on core and with api.
This is just the beginning! :slight_smile:

Video Annotation Suggestion,

How does consensus work in the SAFE Network?
At 1:15:00 @dirvine starts to answer the question. The video cuts out at 1:17:00 and comes back at 1:23:00.

So far, this has been the best explanation I have come across regarding XOR space. It is long and complex but I was able to grasp more than I have before.

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I agree! Do you think it would be beneficial to separately upload sections of the video that stand like this part?

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I think a post that did just that would ROCK!

If you want to do the work of chopping up the video into sections with an annotation description, that would be cool.

Otherwise, a simple index list below the video would be easy and just as effective. You could post it in the FAQ section for people who have the same questions. They could just forward to the specific time in the video to have their question answered.

I love video answers to FAQs :smile:


If this works, then I would happily do an answer all video session if we can get a whiteboard in. I am dead without a whiteboard when explaining some of these things. Anything that stops me repeating myself would be really helpful :slight_smile:

So if we get the tech right then we could host our own AMA for ? Then everyone could ask tech questions, probably needs a judge (looking your way David :slight_smile: ) to make sure we stick to actual technical capabilities and how to get involved etc. I would not think it would be good to discuss any political or even vision related materials, just pure tech would be best.

I could do a good bit, but @Viv is you API man and @anon86652309 @prakash and the rest of the team could also chip in and help. That would save people getting bored of my monotone approach and bad jokes :smiley: This helps us to stay hidden in code longer, which is vital just now.


Anytime @dirvine I would be happy to help judge questions. I’ll focus on functionality from a technical view point. If we’re going to do a AMA (Ask Me Anything) video, we can try it this way.

  1. AMA Thread: with a future date video conference and instructions on what kinds of questions will be answered. Give at least 1-2 weeks time to accumulate tech questions. Just let me know what date in the future you would like to do this. I’ll take care of this part.

  2. Review: the questions, will be done by me, and marked as “liked” for MaidSafe’s preparation. Since I don’t want to appear biased, I think others should be able to “like” a question they want answered as well. It will help determine what is on people’s minds.

  3. Preparation: Now that your team knows what questions will be asked in advance, you can prepare your answers via whiteboard or other demo. Visualizations are the best, even if you need to reference your MaidSafe docs via screen swap just to show a diagram.

  4. Video Event: @ioptio can read the thread questions to simulate a live Q&A session. While questions are being answered, the SF pod + (Mumble chat) can make follow-up questions for clarification on the details. This would end up looking smooth and informative in a helpful video.

  5. Edititing: Once the video event is done it can be annotated with an index list pointing to the video time when questions were answered. Or it can be chopped up and posted in segments with the question as the title of each FAQ topic with the video answer.

Because we are early in the development phase, it may be prudent to focus on the platform/protocol instead of end-user interface. So TestNet1 AMA, TestNet2 AMA and then TestNet3 AMA, we can make a 3rd video and focus on end-user questions. The TestNet3 AMA should double as a Getting Started Guide.

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Sounds great. I am not good at rehearsing though. Its a problem everyone has with me. I never look at slides or questions before any interview etc. drives folk nuts but I prefer to be surprised. I am not sure everyone else does though. So live questions suite me pretty well if that helps. I am OK with questions being prepared in advance, but I probably wont look at them as I do prefer for some reason to think on my feet. I have no idea why :slight_smile: takes all kinds I suppose.

No problem, I like the spontaneous Q&A as well. Preparation is optional if they need to reference some docs or visuals. Just let me know what date you can to conference with @ioptio and I’ll start the thread.

Sound quality, in my opinion is most important.

You have a combination of thick accents already, so maybe get those room reflections sorted if using the Troon meeting room. i.e if you want to maintain the whiteness of the walls, why not plaster those walls and ceiling with white diffuser panels and tame that echo? Money well spent and viv does not have to wrestle with headset mics :smile:

That mic you have on the table works fine, but echo + accent is not the best.

I would think the audio side of the recording could then be split off and offered as a podcast and a downloadable mp3…for consumption whilst in transit.

I’m sure you would have a local consultant that could advise the best approach.

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A work around can be transcribed TEXT added to the video in the editing phase #5.
Or just post the simple text answer with the FAQ video.

I was thinking about using mumble to record the audio and add it to the video. I don’t want to create too much work because we need to hit our launch date with as little delay as possible.

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