MaidSafe Montreal

I’m trying to start a meetup group for MaidSafe in Montreal. Contact me if you want to help.


Francis, keep me in the loop so I can evangelize your projects and progress. Thanks for all you are doing to own the SAFE Network and for being part of this amazing technology.

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What you’re doing is AWESOME!

On a side note you and others who might join your POD are in/around Montreal and it just so happens so is Sensorica (The folks who seem to be spearheading the Open Value Network work). I am hoping you and others in the POD might know or be some of these folks involved or can be ambassadors or sorts with them. I’ll do my best to contact who I can, but you have the best chances at some face to face contact. Would love to chat with you over google talk or skype sometime soon.

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Wow this is cool, I live on another continent so can’t really help by being there. I’m ready to donate $10 (sorry I have no money now) just to see it happen. It would be fun if you could also put it on tape. Heck dude maybe you can create your own youtube channel (vimeo is also SUPER). MaidsafeMeatupMontreal (Yeah I know that I spelled meetup, wrong but it kinda like a meatup)

P.S. whoever will be recording this (if this will be recorded @ all) should have a good mike & camera

P.s. #2
I’ll make you this deal if you somehow manage to get 100 people over there, I will donate $20 just to see it happen. Yes this is a challenge and you could maybe get it done easily, by just picking up complete strangers on the street, who knows they got time to listen :smile:

I am also in Montreal at McGill University so I might have access to spaces to facilitate meetings.


Hello everyone,

This is Francis Pouliot from the Bitcoin Embassy. Just wanted to say that Francis reached out to us and we are excited to help him organize the Montreal MaidSafe meet-ups in at our physical space and we encourage everyone that can to lend him a hand in making this project a reality!