Why does maid not launch a new trading platform?

Why does maid not launch a new trading platform?


Because their focus is on building the SAFE Network.


Because poloniex is trusted and reliable

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The amount of awareness that launching an exchange in the SAFE network would bring, is just huge. I think it is a great idea.

I’m sure that it would skyrocket the price of MAID


After what has happened to the price in BTC terms, it would be nice to see it on a Korean exchange!:no_mouth:


Considering the safe network does not exist yet, its a mute point.

Do you realise how much work that would involve. And how would it benefit Maidsafe in their quest to build the safenet network?

No I doubt it would help that much. How many other crypto projects built their own exchange?? And for reason they don’t, the established exchanges do more than a fine job.

Now once the safenetwork goes live then you will see something develop on the safenetwork. But lets build the network first.

Also have you looked at decorum’s efforts for alt coins on the safe network.


maidsafe basically had it’s own exchange before called masterXchange

No Maidsafe never owned or had a share in that exchange.

It was one of the first to have omni protocol exchange with btc, but Maidsafe never was a part of it.

Since Maidsafecoin (not Maidsafe) was an omni protocol coin (the 3rd one) then it was traded on that exchange with the other omni protocol coins and other coins.

But look what happened to it, it closed. So not a good example of why Maidsafe should run their own exchange.

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I know all that. Your previous message seems to imply that it would be impossible for maid to have it’s own exchange. But obviously its not because there was one before.

Not impossible to do if they stopped developing safenet to do it. It takes months and months for a team to develop the software to run an exchange such as bittrex or poloniex. The time required is not usually affected by the number of coins since its all objects. Server size is affected though.

But if you want SAFE to be developed then it is impossible from a logistic point of view and that all I have said is that its logistically impossible to build an exchange and build the SAFE network (together). They would have to be separate projects, and what is the point anyhow, what other project does it.

No one has made a real case for it to be done and put all the funds into it and delay SAFE development for it to be done.

And then with all the other exchanges out there how in "deity"s name is it of any benefit to divide focus so as to focus on keeping an exchange updated to remain competitive and to focus on SAFE development.

This is a case of trying to divide Maidsafe’s attention and cause both to collaspe. While this is not the intention of anyone here, it is the result of trying to do it. Anyone who has done project management knows full well what I am speaking of.

I re read my posts and cannot for the life of me see how you came up with that implication.

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I think what @neo means is that it’s not a bad idea, but the development team is better off working on completing the network itself first and maybe let other people build the exchanges on top, after all it’s an open source project and anyone can contribute, so if you want to build an exchange to promote safe more, feel free! But yeah, having the team do it will extend the release date to even longer, and it’s already been long waited for, so i don’t think it works in our favour.

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Definitely and I’m sure some one will build a decentralised exchange on the SAFE network. Who does it, well we shall see.

But for Maidsafe to do it now and be competing with the many other exchanges in their turf (ie The Internet) is a shocking idea, crazy and certainly not worth the effort for the reasons I gave above. Did any other major crypto project do it?

He’s the solution. Get $Maid on Bithumb or Coinone. Price pumps when Korean people see the potential. Everyone happy.:grinning:

Wait for the arrival of the hardware Wallet