Bittrex is considering adding Safe Exchange Coin to their trading pairs

If you trade on Maid on Poloniex please consider doing some trades on Bittrex as well. Aside from arbitrage opportunities afforded by using more than one exchange it encourages a larger ecosystem of Safenetwork related assets to be traded in the exchange community. This offers more liquidity and promotes larger market caps of Safe Projects.


As far as I can tell they already offer BTC / MAID


You are correct, thankfully they are trading MAID and now they are considering the asset of SAFEX (the safe exchange coin) SEC which was recently crowdfunded.


Maidsafe Coin, Safe Coin, Safe Exchange Coin…I can see a lot of confusion ahead for new users.


The “arbitrage opportunities afforded” are close to zero. I looked the other day.

How? I claim it doesn’t “encourage” anything.

Why does it need your promotion, then?

And what’s in it for you? Are you getting paid to post this “advice” here?

Clueless claims like these are completely laughable. For close to two years a bunch of “experts” on this forum have been “liking” comments that claimed the more exchanges support MAID the merrier. Now that there’s only a second exchange, it needs help and activism because MAID buyers and sellers don’t see value in it.

Some experts!

I hope Safex does well because it’s a novel approach that could actually help SAFE because it’s likely it’ll focus on SAFE-related business (unlike Bittrex).

@janitor hope you got back in on MAID

On another hand hopefully bittrex will list the Safex coin since I’m sure many folks are eager to trade its market.

  • I’m sure it does not need help and activism, however It’s great that people are becoming aware of the options available, imagine folks only noticed that maidsafecoin is listed on; luckily we have more than 1 exchanger by now

please let us know when Bittrex adds SAFEX coin…I’m interested :wink:


@janitor I am not being paid by anyone to encourage the support of any organization. I promote them because by listing Maid and possibly SEC they are promoting Maidsafe (this is not a clueless observation). Yes the arbitrage is close to zero but it would in fact be zero if there were only 1 exchange. Nor am I giving advice, I am only encouraging others of like mind (traders) to support growth of the safenetwork on multiple exchanges. It was certainly not my intention to offend you.


That’s right @optictopic it will take more than one marketplace to create an arbitrage environment.

we can also recommend maidsafecoin to be listed at this exchange further increasing the number of tickers available; thereby getting a great representation of the various marketplaces each exchanger has a unique approach or some quality that has attracted a certain group of inidividuals to a particular exchange, whether it’s language options, intuitive visual user interface, or a good api for automated trading.

name: MaidSafeCoin
symbol: MAID

name: SafeExchangeCoin
symbol: SEC
explorer: was an obvious option for me to reach out to for SafeExchangeCoin since it was a great time taping into the api; everything clearly documented → Rust automated trading bot (more on this application at a later post)

So that was a lot of fun,

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to me it seems like saying you’re confused about bitcoin because of litecoin

so unlikely, information is pretty clear I’d say people are smart and able to differentiate

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I made the suggestion on and now we wait till they bring it up for a vote. It’s not on there yet but when it does go up lets get the word out so everyone who wants to promote this platform can do so.


Apart from your exchange being hosted on the network your coin has no affiliation with MaidSafe yet the coins name implies that it does.

Bit and Lite are very different. Maidsafe, Safe, Safe Exchange not so…

It may look very clear to you but you are it’s creator and people here on the forum have had time to read through all developments etc. You guys find it easy to differentiate.

Pupils learning atomic structure will initially find it difficult to grasp and it would be unwise of their teacher to expect otherwise

I would consider myself quite smart but even I found it confusing until I read through the forum. Not everyone will be visiting this forum.

Isn’t it a bit like ‘webmoney’ being a way of sending money on the internet, and Safex is a way of exchanging stuff on the Safe network?

Is ‘webmoney’ confusing because it’s only called ‘web’ because it uses the internet?

I think once people are familiar with what the Safe network is, they won’t be confused by people calling things ‘safewhatever’ like people call things ‘webwhatever’ or ‘netwhatever’ etc.

‘Safex’ has no affiliation with MaidSafe, and doesn’t mention Maid in its name. It will be on the Safe network, so it’s useful to include the word ‘Safe’ to indicate this. If it was called DanExchange, it wouldn’t indicate to anyone to look for it on the Safe network, or to Safe network users that it may be interesting to them.

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