Any strides made to include a North American Exchange to trade MAID?

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For the longest time, since Poloniex blocked US traders, its been hard if not impossible for US traders to trade MAID. Has there been any strides into providing an exchange for that market? Seems it has been a long time I haven’t heard anything from that end.

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Have you tested P2PB2B?

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I have not, I saw however a lot of negativity in our thread about coins getting locked and very poor volume so I did not personally try it out.

Has it gotten better? There was conversations about people having their MAID stuck on there for over a month as I recall from reading the comments.

Edit, just checked, the price of MAID is showing 0.00001011, much lower than Bittrex or HITBTC. It also has 0 volume in the last 24 hours. Definitely doesn’t look very promising on there.


Volumes low, but apparently the withdrawl issue is sorted.
Ppl made some good profits trading in there I’d think as the price didn’t follow trex closely.
Could pay of if your trying to trade / arbitrage or cash out, but of course maybe not.

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true, just depends if people are really willing to sell at that low price on there.

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Yh, I dont know, but I saw ppl were buying on there for what I saw as over the expected price.
I nvr traded there but looked in a few times.

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I just posted an alternative suggestion to this here: Could this be a new way trade MaidSafe? Particl Decentralised Marketplace.

tl;dr Particl decentralised marketplace is truly decentralised. Its beta was used as an exchange for a lot of cryptos a few years back and it’s arguably safer and more secure than centralised exchanges. It relaunched Wednsday and some coins have already been listed there to trade. You have to buy a set amout, like an eBay style listing, but the listings are updated daily to reflect price changes. Somone with some MaidSafe who’s willing to sell could list there and get a new way to trade MAID going that doesn’t excluded anyone.

You can get the latest version of Particl marketplace here: