Where to help as a less experienced developer

I’m no experienced C++ dev, but neither am I completely foreign to modern C++ programming. I would imagine there are a reasonable number of people who are in the same situation I am in.

For clarity I’ll reference what I’m hoping to get out of working on this project

  • Be involved in the beginning of monumental change
  • The ability to work on an open source project in general
  • More experience with the skills needed to do so
  • Things that will help me land another internship following my junior year at my university
  • Some coins

What should I be directing my efforts towards? There seem to be a large number of build errors that are solved more by understanding compiler differences and the like than anything.

Any direction that might ease the learning curve without completely compromising the goal of being involved in development would be greatly appreciated.


Upgrading tests, improving coverage and expanding compilers available are all a terrific start and very helpful. These are all helping core so there should be safecoin payments. We have not issued any safecoin yet as we have the funds form the sale to keep us going just now. For commiters it will be different, so please fire away.