Not a C++ dev but want to help

What can I do as a C#, web developer right now to help take some of the workload off of the core team? I have a long weekend here (USA - Memorial Day Weekend) and I want to spend some time helping any way I can.


Thanks for that, I think any work on the gibook repository would be great, I think we need to update that and get it in shape as a central repo for the system docs. Its well overdue. The repo is here GitHub - maidsafe-archive/maidsafe-examples for now. If you forked that and had a look at us being able to make sue of it as a good central documentation site, it would be great.

thanks again for the offer, brilliant. (ps don’t worry if it does not look great for a doc site, we are searching for something and this looked best).

Failing that we have a pivotal tracker that we intend to put some small work elements on for folk to get involved, it’s MaidSafe Open Source - Pivotal Tracker but pretty empty for now. There are some tasks if you fancy a bash at them though.

Regarding using gitbook, I really like the fact that the docs will be under source control. The setup is a bit clunky and I’m not sure if I’ve done it all correct because I can’t seem to use grunt to publish it locally yet, but it wasn’t that bad. If anyone knows of any specifics that needs to be done with the doc stuff let me know.

I looked through PT and didn’t see anything that I could probably just pick up and do… I’ll keep checking the icebox for anything I can jump on.

@dirvine Dang I’m a bit slow - I’ve read a couple diff posts and now understand what you’re looking for. You want to take the examples book and turn it into the central system docs, am I correct?

From my testing I’m finding that gitbook is limited to two levels deep and if we are going to use it for the entire systems docs that might be a big limitation. If we do the following outline we are already 3 levels deep. Maybe this is just a limitation of the gitbook editor. I’ll need to check that:

  • MaidSafe Overview
  • How It Works
  • Why It Works
  • Core
  • Development
  • Building
  • Examples
  • Network Setup
    – Requirements
    – Local Network Setup
  • Authentication
  • Etc…

@David Does discourse have pages? If it does that would allow the community to link to docs, make quotes etc. easier.

Yes Gitbook does impose a nesting constraint we need to adhere to. However there are a few options that are being looked at for documentation. Think Scott was working on a documentation specific subdomain recently. We were going to use that for the examples docs, but gitbook seems like a better fit for examples.

Glad to know you’re interested in contributing to the code, I think currently as a C# dev (I mainly end up with .Net code myself) there isnt much you can use C# with directly until ports start happening. For the .NET eco-system, one would essentially expect the API project available as a nuget package to plug into projects, we certainly aren’t there just yet. I think in the next week or two, more info about ports should start coming out, we are currently looking into options to speed up this process mainly to expose a mobile friendly layer to the code that would help native devs using Java/ObjC or .Net guys using say Xamarin.

Think Ross is posting dev updates weekly, I’d suggest checking those out as that would definitely detail some of this info as they start falling into place

So with some help from @David we found out that discourse now supports wiki posts.

This could mean the docs could be on this forum in the form of a sticky TOC post linked to multiple deeper topics. We could create a new category, [Docs or Documentation].

Discourse is already a great tool for the community in that it it easy to use, looks good, and promotes a sense of transparency IMHO. Also the wiki top post could be edited by anyone as discussion happens below to decide what is clear and what needs to change. A history of the post is kept so no one can wipe it out. We could try it for a bit and if we decide it’s not what we are looking for then we move on?

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