Get involved -noob question

I am new here and I don’t have any idea about proramming. What are (is there) the ways for me to help the network?


Welcome to the forum! There are a lot of non programmers here so don’t feel singled out in any way. I think the best way to help out as a non programmer is to try and learn how the network functions on a basic level and how it differs from Bitcoin and other technologies (example:an autonomous network that reaches consensus not by blockchain but by close groups of other nodes on the network) etc. spread the word, read through the forums, listen to interviews and educate yourself on the capability and possibilities of the network, contribute to the conversation on this forum, if you’re near any of the safe pods that are hosting a meetup then take advantage of that and drop in. Best of luck and if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask.



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What @Nigel said, and ask lots of questions! Search and read too, but if that isn’t working there are plenty of people here who can help with questions from beginner to advanced.