What maidsafe functions are ready to use now?

Hello everyone,

I’ve been interested in maidsafe for some time now, more than a year, but it’s progress is hardly articulated and I have no idea at which stage is it currently. I would like some information on it.

I know maidsafe is still in development and not released yet, but is it usable now ? If so what functions of it ?

Can I expect to build let’s say dropbox style android app which would store files on maidsafe and sync with android phone. Is API ready ?

If I put files on maidsafe now, can I be certain they will not be deleted later ?
Is there even ability to put files on maidsafe now ?

I’ve seen maidsafe roadmap. Are there estimates on when it will release ? I know it’s hard to predict but is it more likely 2015, 2017, 2020 ?

Even if release is in 2020, can i start using demo earlier being certain to keep the files after the release ? When such time would come, is it now already ?

The API is not ready for use; I am working on it. The docs have the current interface that I hope to implement. Its taking longer than I hoped, because I had to re-think a few things recently. I may have to add a special command to vaults for blob puts, which I was really hoping to avoid.

There is current work to get SAFE working on Android and iOS. This includes the API (we are doing this concurrently). So to an end-user it would be like accessing any cloud-storage service.

You can launch a local test network which simulates the real thing. It is recommended for developers only, because without the API it is currently easy to put unencrypted data on the network or not encrypt it as desired (de-duplicated chunks).

There are a number of other posts on this topic. I think most people are hoping for this year, but I can’t speak for whether that will be the case. A lot of this will depend on the results of the test networks I think.