Whan will the network go LIVE?


We are a team of software developers who would like to create some applications on top of the Maidsafe network/stack.
We’re just wondering when the actual network will go live?

There are a lot of cool examples but so far we haven’t seen the possibility of joining the network and start to make real world applications.

Maybe we are missing something? Can someone give an ETA?

Fantastic work by the way!



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Autumn 2014 is the ETA at this moment, you can find a roadmap over here: Roadmap · maidsafe-archive/MaidSafe Wiki · GitHub

and the latest dev update (this is a weekly update): Dev Update :safe: Week Beginning 30th June 2014 - Updates - Safe Network Forum


Hi Melvin,

In your recent blogpost Onwards and Upwards | by MaidSafe | safenetwork | Medium you are saying that " During test network 2, developers will also start to run applications on top of the network.". Do you mean the internal maidsafe developers or can we as outside developers also start testing on the testnet?

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I didn’t write that post, just posted it here on the forum :). I believe app builders can kind of test their apps on the network… Maybe someone else can answer this question @happybeing or @ioptio?

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I edited that post now to make it a bit clearer that it is a quote. Hope that’s OK.

@David Oke but what is still not clear to me is if there developers are people like me that can get invited to run their apps on the testnet or if these are internal maidsafe developers working on the closed testnet.

It also states: “Alt-coin wallets, unlimited file storage and sharing applications, a decentralised music store, secure messaging applications and a decentralised currency exchange are all currently under development.”

Are these above examples being developed by the maidsafe staff? Because I was thinking about building a file storage application of some kind myself but if it is already being build then there is no point of me pursuing it.

Hope you can help me out with some answers.



I don’t have the answers for you but I’m sure someone from MaidSafe.net will find this thread and clarify it soon enough.

No problem and thanks!

Internally we are very focussed in the core @Viv is the app lead and has some really cool ideas. There is a dropboxy type app already, but why not give Viv a shout and join in with that development if you want. There is a projects thread here to that will let you see what others are doing.

I don’t think anyone will be needing an invite to run their apps on the later testnet’s and it’s definitely not going to be a maidsafe dev only access either. If you have a bootstrap endpoint on the network, you can pretty much connect to the network :slight_smile: How you obtain and use this bootstrap endpoint will get much easier to explain and understand once the Authentication example is out(which will use a similar process to connect to the testnet’s/local network on a machine)

Yeh as @dirvine mentioned we’ve had file-storage apps that were very similar in the earlier iterations of the code(this was when the API project did not exist btw). We are planning on also having some examples be a little more elaborate like a VFS drive/Messenger/Simple Web-content. You’re absolutely welcome to contribute towards these standalone apps if you are interested. System level features required for these apps are getting added to the API project currently. Once these parts are exposed, you can create your apps how you see fit. This week should have the Authentication example out, which should clarify your doubts about the bootstrapping requirements.

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Can’t wait for the Authentication example!
As part of the Montréal POD, I’m working on a browser extension that will be able to let you see webpages hosted on the SAFE network, and we’re stuck waiting for the example!
Keep up the good work guys!


Yeh sorry about the delay with this example. It’s been kind of mental with the bootstrap changes last couple weeks. This example definitely would help getting started and understanding quite some big topics like bootstrapping, self-auth, session management and expose the scope of these topics to maybe interest a few dev’s to also jump into the corresponding sub-modules.

That sounds great to me. If you need any help along the way, do ping me via email or on mumble. Would be great to have such an extension.


Curious… extension for what browser?

Firefox for now.
We want to support Chrome and Safari once we get the functional side done.
You can check out the Github project here is you want! : https://github.com/maidsafemtl/MaidSafe-Firefox-Extension


You Canadians really mean it when you go for something :slight_smile: well done and let us know anything you need to help you (obviously us to speed up with API will help). Huge congratulations though, excellent. Please shout for anything.