I'm writing a Dutch article about Maidsafe


So I’m writing a Dutch article about Maidsafe for two Bitcoin websites here in Holland.
In the end of the article I would like to tell when Maidsafe will go live. So who can help me out with any indication, because I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Thanks in advance

We are hoping to have two tracks. Examples (0 starts today) which will take builders through using and defining the API’s for them. These examples will run for a few weeks/months.

The other track is testnets, at least 3 with a duration of 4-6 weeks each. Testnet1 will be live very soon, this will be a very heavy duty debugging test and not user friendly. Testnet2 will be including early apps and then testnet 3 which will have test_safecoin. Hope that helps.

Thanks David! This helps a lot

No problem sorry it’s not more official yet. We are working behind the schedule and pushing hard. Now we are all back in the office we can make this more obvious. Thanks for writing about the project though.

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