API? Example SAFEapps?

I thought the API thing meant that apps were going to start getting made?

My bad I’m not very technical,

But is the API thing ready? Can people make any beta apps yet?

If anyone has made even the beginning of one yet, I’d love to see even just a grainy screen-recording video of the app in action!!!

Very excited to see the first SAFEapps!!!


I believe @dallyshalla will have video with action building for safe network in the very near future.

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absolutely basic but it’s proof!


You’re awesome!!!

Thanks dude!!!

Keep posting stuff, no matter how basic!!!

This is the beginning of a whole new internet and I want to see all the first sprouting ideas as they come up!!!

But what exactly was that?

Was it using the MaidSafe API?

Is that out yet?

Fantastic @dallyshalla really cool :slight_smile:

I don’t know what his APP is using, but the API is not out yet. If he was using the functions in the NFS project, it isn’t going to be suitable for APPs and is going to be removed/changed shortly. Expect breakages in the near future.

I have been tasked with designing and implementing the API. @Viv has given his list of demands (keep it simple!), and hopefully I will do my best to balance ease-of-use with features for advanced applications. I have the interface and (most of) the design/implementation in my head. Currently I am working on writing up the interface and design for review by the team first, then I hope to post here and the mailing list so I can receive feedback as its being implemented.

If you cannot wait, see my NFS fork. I have a branch where the API and design information is going to be stored in a github markdown file. Its obviously not completed yet, so please no feedback yet.


Great to see another genius join the Maidsafe team!


Thanks very much for the quick reply!

That’s the info I was after, in creating this thread :slight_smile: