Update 4th July, 2024

Many of you were there on Tuesday, jostling for virtual space in the Discord Stage, but for those who didn’t make it, or who were late (ahem, @happybeing), here is a summary of @bux’s chat.

With updates to get in and marketing to align, Wave 2 will officially start on July 12th, as the new version of network will then be live (yes, we know, we know, but better to get off on the right foot than have to walk it back).

Any nanos earned before that date by Wave 2 participants (via referrals) will count towards their first leaderboard balance (usually rewards are those earned over a 7-day period). A table of boost (specifically referral) rewards will be published this week, so it’s clear for everyone ahead of time how they work (particularly relevant right now for Wave 1 folks who are sharing in the prize pool).

When Wave 2 is able to start (i.e. when the wave is full), the prize pool for Wave 1 will be doubled (and retro-fitted based on previous ranks/allocations). When Wave 3 fills, Wave 2’s prize pool will also double. Wave 3 will be made up of 1,000 participants. There may be other waves after that too.

As of Tuesday, Autonomi was supported by 66,318 nodes :tada:. Each node is 5GB, 3GB of which is dedicated to logs (the joy of beta) - thank you to the increasing number of you who have shared those on request - makes a huge difference to have this type of information to hand!

Speaking of logs - here’s where you will find them

Node: C:\ProgramData\safenode\logs
Launchpad: %AppData%\safe\launchpad\logs

Node: ~/Library/Application\ Support/safe/node/[node]/logs
Launchpad: ~/Library/Application\ Support/safe/launchpad/logs

Node: ~/.local/share/safe/node/[node]/logs
Launchpad: ~/.local/share/safe/launchpad/logs

As well as fixing some bugs (notably the ARM build), the next release will strictly limit the communication between nodes and clients using the same public keys for different functions (e.g. payment forwarding, network royalty payments, etc). We believe this is responsible for some of the spend anomalies we’ve seen.

We’ve pared down the messaging, meaning there will be reduced base traffic (bandwidth) for nodes and also better upload performance. This will result in a higher rate of nano distribution. We expect users who run a smaller number of nodes to receive nanos more often. Potentially this also means we will be able to identify users with node issues more easily.

We’re now exposing more metrics from the node, including: the number of connected peers, number of peers in the routing table, the number of open connections, and the node’s uptime. This will allow us to identify the issues users are facing more effectively.

In safenode-manager the nat-detection command can now be run without specifying the server to connect to. A default list of servers is provided. And with Node Launchpad the correct primary storage dir (/) will now be selected on Linux and macOS. The Launchpad and node versions will also now be displayed.

Finally, we know some of you are having problems with nodes not earning nanos or the wrong earnings showing up, so to help with this we’ve set a way, via a discord bot, to be able to log an issue and to submit your logs so the engineers can take a look and hopefully find a fix.

We hope to be able to switch over to the new network on Monday next week. There will be a period of no data uploads on both networks for 24 hours (or maybe a bit longer) to help ensure the transition is as smooth as possible and that everyone has a chance to join. It’s going to be worth the wait!

Thanks as ever for all your help and feedback :heart:. We’re getting there.

General progress

@anselme and @roland have continued to work through scenarios to ensure that spends cannot be exploited, however devious the attacker or unusual the circumstances. The basic approach is to check each spend and its parents. A spend with no parents or a double-spent parent is invalid. However, we don’t want this invalidation to become an attack vector, where a malicious actor can replace a valid parent with an invalid one in order to poison its descendants. This would be a tricky attack but it’s theoretically possible and we have a fix pending to ensure it cannot happen.

@bzee has put in a fix for ARM builds to address the issue of rewards not being registered properly, building on investigative work by @qi_ma. He’s also been looking at re-forwarding of rewards and investigating the status of Libp2p AutoNAT v2, which should bring connectivity improvements to home nodes but sadly does not yet seem quite ready for primetime. @bzee also helped out a community member who has received no nanos using a VPS. He found the default firewall setting was to blame and the nodes weren’t reachable.

@chriso Has been beavering away on the next testnet release and creating some documentation around that. As we head towards our planned launch, documentation has become a key priority for the team.

@shu is also labouring in this territory, building dashboards for our internal use. He has just implemented a system to efficiently collect data from multiple testnets that can be easily scaled as required, allowing comparisons between experimental and live networks.

@mazzi has deployed a new audit server snapshot collector which now supports multiple audit server addresses. We plan to roll this out next week. DiscordBot users will have noticed the new /leaderboard and /referral commands, and @mazzi has fixed a bug where users running the /rank command were shown their weekly nano count instead of their overall count.

And @qi_ma Investigated the non-earning nodes issue raised by the community. This turned out to be due to a mismatched public key. We now need to make changes to the auditor to complete the fix.


First!!! :slight_smile: Great job! :ok_hand: Many thanks to the team, moderators and all the testers for their commitment! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Does this mean that the network will not work on Saturday or Sunday? What I mean is that the nodes launched will not send data and will not earn?


Second with beer in hand cheers


Third…first time…


Phenomenal achievement.
A few of us are itching to know if max records will be increased with the upgrade on Monday.

Could you share anything about this?


Thx 4 the update Maidsafe devs

About this, I got 3TB for now that I want to dedicate to the Network. Erased from my memory how to do this through safenode-manager (got to admit to be too lazy to look it up). But not happy with the 100GB i’m contributing @ the moment.


:clap: :clap: :clap:

Keep coding/hacking/testing super ants


Great work team! I hope everyone is getting enough zzzz’s and not working to the bone every day. The pressure is certainly on medium-high I expect and that’s rough. So hang in there and take breaks as needed - get some fresh air, good food, and plenty of rest.

A big thanks to the whole team and community supporters for continuing to push forward this revolutionary network!

Cheers :beers:


Thanks so much to the entire Autonomi team for all of this great progress! The best is yet to come. :rocket:

And thanks to all Autonomi users and mods!



Yes, sorry about that!

I could in fact have joined Tuesday (because Maigret has finished :sob:) but was too tired so watched The Intruder (1962) with a young William Shatner as a white supremacist agitating in the deep south. Not quite To Kill A Mockingbird or In The Heat Of The Night but interesting to see his early career.

Alas I still won’t be joining the next Stages either as I was then suspended from Discord for asking to friend @Bux to mention something outside the public channels.

When a service does this and demands my phone number without reason, after years of genuine activity that’s a red line for me, so I’m out of Discord and I guess the rewards program. :man_shrugging:

I’ve been told this strictness depends on the server, so it may in part be a choice made by Autonomi though i haven’t heard back. I’ve since created a new Discord account and rejoined some of the other project servers I was using (such as Rustlang and Tauri) but the invite from Autonomi itself won’t work. It rejects me after putting me through yet another Captcha.

I also found that the Autonomi server isn’t listed when I search, although a similar named “Autonomys Network” with a triangular logo is.

All very unsatisfactory from my point of view and I think for the project.

Leaving that aside…

Websites still wanted!

It’s great to see the development proceeding and I look forward to being able to show my demo, but haven’t seen an indication that the bug I reported is being looked into or has been solved so I’ve no idea when this will be possible.

What I can say is that it is ready, and that if any of you have websites that you would be willing to feature when it is available, it would be great to hear from you so everyone will have something useful to look at when I can release it.

I keep banging on about this because I think it will be valuable to have things that show what Autonomi can do for users.

So please get in touch. Anything will do, a trivial home page, a joke page, anything that will help demo the power of the versioned, perpetual autonomous web!


I can give you my referral code, if that helps you, @happybeing :laughing:


I have one spare myself if only I could log in :rofl:


That really would be interesting to know - because it has the potential to change quite a lot in the calculation


Isn’t this meant to show the weekly, the rank for this week?

And not overall

That is what Nic told me


Great update MaidSafe!


I’d love to see IMIM working with your project. There is a build process that creates the associated angular files in the readme there. To be useful, it needs to be able to pull markdown files (which would be the articles for the blog) from Autonomi though.

Lmk if you need more from me. I’m happy to help here.

Also, I very much agree that uploading and downloading data to the network is key for users to understand the experience. More over, when there are nice apps which bring this to life, even more so.

I understand the motivation to get a stable network of nodes, but it’s kind of dull from a user experience POV. It doesn’t show what is unique and exciting about Autonomi. If it wasn’t for the rewards, it would be a hard sell.

It would be great to understand at what point the beta network will be more open to uploads. Given all my tokens are whisked away to HQ currently, I’m assuming something will change?


I have come to think that it might not get ready for several months still. There’s always some glitch there, followed by weeks of inactivity.


Let’s take discussions about IMIM and any other websites to use with awe to this topic Website builders - an invitation

I’ll reply there. Anyone who fancies putting up even the simplest page, please reply here and we’ll get you up on the Autonomi perpetual web among the first on the planet :earth_africa:

In addition to donations (which will be reset each time the network is reset :man_shrugging:) from generous folk in this community, I’m now running, or rather a particularly generous community member is running for me, a couple of VPS just to get tokens for uploads.

So I don’t think this will be an issue once the bug that was causing them to cost a ridiculous amount is fixed.


Damnit. My second account got into the Autonomi Discord today so I’m back on Discord :man_facepalming: (albeit not in a Wave etc).


leader board is up in the discord and the official end of the zero + zero = hero program :rofl: