Update 20th June, 2024

It’s Thursday again, and this week finds us working on smoothing the road for Wave 2 Beta Testers. This includes improving the Node Launchpad, updating the dashboard and the DiscordBot, and tightening up the way we gather data from Beta testers.

It’s also about managing expectations and support. Honestly, we’ve learned so much in the last couple of weeks. As a small team it’s impossible to predict real-world conditions and there’s no substitute for having a bunch of clever, enthusiastic and curious folks out there doing their thing. We never expected people to use the node-manager to launch hundreds of nodes, for example, but we’re very glad you did as it taught us some important lessons.

For Wave 2 we will need to tighten up the terms a bit as to what we are able to support, so the team doesn’t get too stretched. We want the improved Autonomi Node Launchpad to be the primary way that people participate, and will likely limit official support to that. If folks want to use the CLI and node-manager that’s fine, but support will need to be through the community.

We’re continuing to build metrics into the Launchpad and node-manager and want to have these in place before Wave 2. We’re also debugging some spend anomalies, looking at the weirdness when chunking small files, continuing with DAG, auditing and bot improvements to ensure the nanos are going out in a timely fashion, and making uploads faster. We have an internal alpha network in place now to test some of these things.

Overall, we’re hugely encouraged by the response to the Beta and by the way the network has performed. Of course, there have been a few teething problems, but nothing that we can’t handle. We do want to get everything shipshape before the next Wave though, so thanks so much for your patience.

General progress

@roland has been churning out PRs this week in response to community findings and bug reports (keep them coming guys!) and with logging. He’s also looking into the weird behaviour seen when chunking small files and worked on exposing metrics on our deployment infrastructure.

Fresh back from holiday (poor guy) @chriso has put together a better Windows VM setup to help us reproduce and analyse Windows issues spotted by the community.

Onto @bzee who has been tinkering with the auditor to get it to store the spends we’re crawling so that we can restart the auditor without trouble. He’s also having a nose at some of our documentation and preparing the launch of our (internal) alpha testnet.

@qi_ma is also in and about the auditor making improvements to the collection of UTXOs and royalties as well as helping with community queries.

@mazzi continues to work on tweaking the DiscordBot and aligning it with the DAG and auditor changes ahead of Wave 2, including introducing a time-series database to store Beta rewards.

@jimcollinson has been looking into renaming features, repos and modules as we move fully to the Autonomi brand.

And @joshuef has been working on improving the speed of the data uploader clients, which has been a source of some frustration, as well as digging into replication too.


Great exciting and amazing work as always team! Many important lessons learned already. This network is happening!


Second ! :slight_smile: Great update, big thanks to the community for their patience and commitment ! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Great job Maid and the moderators! I look forward to a leap in quality :ok_hand: :slight_smile:


Third :3rd_place_medal::3rd_place_medal:char


Thanks to all the team!
Do you have in mind updating the node_launch to be able to choose which hard drive we want to store the data on?


Thanks so much to the entire Autonomi team for all of your hard work! Keep trying to make the world a better place! :woman_factory_worker: :man_factory_worker: :man_factory_worker:

And good luck to all of the testers working on getting rewards! :four_leaf_clover:


I think the team are doing an astounding job at incredible speed in so many areas right now. All at once. :clap:

It makes sense to me to focus team support on the Launchpad, to prioritise support for those who will most need it and to include more less nerdy folks as early as possible. :+1:

They are the people who will be crucial for mass adoption, and spreading the benefits as widely and inclusively as possible. :people_hugging:


Turning to my personal quest to help demo what this network can do, and give folks a chance to create and share by using it as soon as possible…

I’ve plenty to get on with but the first demo is ready, just needing an Autonomi bug to be fixed in uploading. But probably not this one:

It’s not mentioned explicitly so I want to highlight that @riddim and I were not just seeing the above, but also identified a bug when uploading a directory.

This was replicated using safe files upload and logs provided to Qi Ma to help isolate the problem. This was the real problem that was preventing me getting my demo up on this network rather than the issue @riddim found with small files.

The issue with small files might be related, although I doubt it. But regardless isn’t severe enough to cause the unaffordable never ending process when trying to upload a directory.

If it was necessary I’d look myself but having tried to understand that part of the code I don’t feel competent to find and fix that one.

If time can’t be given to that yet by the team, please let me know. I could implement a work around but would rather not spend time in that if possible.

Otherwise I plan to crack on with improving the quality of the demo in the short term and then look at having it work on Android as well as desktop.


Thank you to all those who have been helping me with is:

The early Guinea Pigs, the donors diverting their ranking nanos - I must have received 15-20k and they are still coming :man_shrugging: - those brave people offering to test or build on Windows and Mac.

This is an incredibly capable and generous community and it’s great to be a part of it. :muscle:

BTW I don’t need any more nanos rn! Use them for your ranking please :trophy:


I was chatting with another user earlier about this. We have it as a high priority issue. Should hopefully be in a release very soon.


I once tinkered with my auditor … but thats another story.


Great update team. :fireworks:

As for us having patience, please take the time you need to get things right. I think most everyone here understands the difficulty in building the ‘impossible network’ --I know that’s a bit of a dated marketing term, but still fitting!

Cheers :beers:


I have been waiting BETA for long time! Its on the horizon!


Relentless pursuit by the developers in chiselling out the bad elements with solid backing by the community… So awesome to witness this…

Keep going ants…


Thanks as always to everyone who has played their part in getting us here.

Brilliant to be part of something that will be so significant


Not, New world order

Yes, Connecting new world


Thx 4 the update Maidsafe devs

Really amazing work devs and community :heart_eyes:

@Knosis :clap: :clap: :clap: Can’t wait to see more AI models helping with setup on computers/vps/Raspberry Pi etc and with troubleshooting

Keep coding/hacking/testing super ants


Did a successful vault migration on windows today.

From a USB stick to external NVME drive.

Deleted all .gz logs first and stopped/ started all services manually…there’s no way safenode-manager can handle the stop/ start (in this case 50 nodes)

Not sure if I’ve been shunned doing what was a graceful shutdown in order to migrate to larger premises…but it’s chugging along nicely.


Very good!

I think you could have done the startup with safenode-manager using the --interval option. eg. --interval 420000 for a 7 minute gap between starting nodes. What I’d have done is do the first few manually and see how many minutes between node starts allowed them to settle down then done the rest with --interval. If only I could run that many nodes!


Do you mean you started them from services.msc? Why do you think 50 nodes couldn’t be handled?

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Is there any information about why such an excessive gap is required?