Update 02 May, 2024

As many of you will know, @bux is speaking at Consensus at the end of May, after which we can expect many more to join our beta testing. It’s a massive opportunity to assemble a broad, and resilient Beta Network, through rapidly growing our community of node operators and assembling a network that can create a big splash for launch.

Our beta testers will be a critical element in the first stages of this, helping build capacity and deliver Autonomi to people all over the world. It’s no small thing and therefore it’s only right that those participating should be directly rewarded for their effort, their time, and their computer resources.

So we’ve devised a Beta Rewards Program that will deliver some generous rewards, really juice up our marketing reach, and should be just a little bit fun!

You can get into the details in the announcement post, but in brief, we’ll be recruiting testers in waves, and the earlier you join the more you stand to benefit. Testing will be gamified and the higher you rank in terms of earning the greater your reward when the network goes live.

And not only that, when we swell the ranks of participants to key targets, rewards will double for everyone, and then double again!

Data will be seeded to the Network by Autonomi and our partners, and there will be no faucet. The first wave will be 175 testers [STOP PRESS this milestone has just been reached :tada:] so if you haven’t signed up yet make sure you do so soon, you must get in to wave two.

In the background, we are working on ways to track rewards anonymously (Discord ID aside) and how to check against the system being gamed. This will involve @bux’s favourite thing— DAGs—and she’s so pleased about that.

And we’re even more pleased about the way hole punching has performed. Cyberspace is looking like a Swiss cheese. Gracias puncheros :boxing_glove: :boxing_glove:

General progress

In order to build on the successes of hole punching @bzee has been back at AutoNat to see if it’s possible to integrate the AutoNAT server capability into existing nodes. This can be done with TCP, but he hasn’t got it working with Quic yet.

Chris has made some more improvements and fixes to the node manager and is now turning his attention to getting node manager services working in user mode.

@roland is busy working on some UX improvements that will allow people to participate in the Beta without any command line chops required. Look out for the first iteration of that soon!

@jimcollinson, @bux and @andrew are working through the node and rewards product planning flows, and @qi_ma and @joshuef have been focused on how we audit the rewards in beta nodes, and prevent gaming of the system.

Josh also merged the mnemonic code for generating wallet seed phrases and worked with Qi and Roland on the spend flow. He and @roland also worked closely on the new TUI.

@Qi_ma continued refining reward tracking for beta testing. He also raised a PR for reward notification.




second? really? that’s insane


3rd? Pfoe!


Can I join?
What do I have to do to join, without having any knowledge?
Only user knowledge.


Can anyone explain how “waves” are related to open/closed nature of test network?

These pieces of information are either confusing (i.e. I can’t understand them correctly) or contradict each other:


Can’t wait for the wave :ocean: surfs up :slight_smile: :grin:


Thx 4 the update Maidsafe devs

Really exiting times, can’t wait, supercharged! :grin:
Those testers milestones will be hit quic

Keep hacking/testing super ants :partying_face: :beers: :champagne:


Anybody can join the beta networks - but rewards earned before launch will be wiped again and for getting a share of the ‘early beta testers rewards’ from maidsafe in real autonomi token after network start you need to register with them (that’s the waves)


How do you know if you are in a wave? I completed the form shortly after the announcement, but I’ve not heard anything since.


175 participants, I am making the assumption we are all in. If not I am jumping through a bunch of hoops just for laughs :laughing:


If we are not in we will just go start our own rival Comnet :joy:


If you completed the form, you are wave 1


I really hope I went through all the questions and did hit the ‘Submit’ successfully.

Will there be a side discord channel or some notification via this forum or on discord for members who successfully completed the form for wave 1?

Its been so long, I don’t recall if there is a way for the end user to verify if they are part of that 175 participants. :smile: .

Update: I didn’t provide any email address on that form, so maybe thats why there was no final confirmation email to be sent out, other than maybe a submission successful message on the form page itself (i just don’t recall anymore).


I think I completed the form - dont remember any confirmation though

can you ping the 175 successful folks in the forum please to save a lot of worrying…

Gonna be very pissed off if I have missed out on this


It’s all open.

Anyone can join.

If you sign up to be part of the rewards program, we ask a little more, like allow collection telemetry/logs for testing.

But you get paid a share of real tokens after the launch for being involved.

The earlier you participate, the fewer people you are competing against for reward pools (that’s the waves)

But all together we work on getting more participants, and when we hit certain goals, we double everyone’s rewards!

That way, it’s competitive (more work done, more tokens earned, the bigger slice of rewards) but it also creates a big incentive to increase participation, without hurting your own rewards.


Oh and I should say… it’s also entirely optional as well. You can carry on running nodes and using the network just the same, without joining the rewards program, or sending in the additional info.


Yeah, keep your eyes peeled


If this is a TUI interface it does involve the command line. So hopefully you mean there will be a GUI, not just the TUI (which is great, but is CLI).