Topic category moving around!

I created very little amount of topics so far. Not even 5 and some of the members that are high graded seems to have fun to move the topic to another category. The only post you should judge about where the category should goes is the OP post the creator of the topic. If you move a topic to another category, I would suggest that you explain why. Thank you.

Hi there, only @moderators can do that. We’ve added some new categories to clear the forum up.

@polpolrene Also people who earned the ‘granted’ badge on the forum can recategorize.

@Ghaunt please contact the moderators via PM next time if there’s a problem on the forum. I’ve sent you a PM now ( and will change the category of this post to ‘meta’)

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That. Is. Awesome. I know it was done purposefully and not to make a joke or poke fun, but that’s funny.

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