Here forum members link to some interesting thread/reply/comment they happen to discover while browsing the forum

a thread about things you discover in the forum itself and link to that

because I am lost in the forum and while I search deaper I get to find “new” bits that if I didnt scroll down thread by thread in latest/top/categories I wouldn’t have found them

so what exactly I want:
I want a thread where people will link and discuss about findings in safe forum that they think that is not common knowledge or for someone that visits the forum and dont know/havent discovered everything but with all the lourking still find things worth reminding to old and presenting to new members!

why is that helpful:
if there is a thread where people reply with things they find interesting from the forum its nice to tell everyone and make a discussion about that. That way slowly all members who will follow this thread will learn “every possible bit” that was and is interesting about safe network and its safe sites and apps!!!

@maidsafe please make that happen!!!

edit: make the edits for it to be a standalone thread!

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Well, you don’t need to beg anyone to make it happen. You’ve just set the thread up yourself.

You just need to beg the mods to let it stand.

EDIT: I would call it “The All-Encompassing Meta-Thread” and say something like “if you come across an interesting old thread with a good post you deem worth resuscitation, don’t bump it – post it here” in description.

The bottom line is, over the time, it may turn into such a mess we will have someone coming up with the brilliant idea of the Meta meta-thread that should distill the bestest post now lost in the shuffle of the original, now overblown meta-thread :yum:


to start with my own finding is that crust in no longer used. I read the primer and even based the greek wikipedia article from that info.

Make a “wiki” topic and people can add to the opening post a one liner+link to either a comment within this topic or directly to the topic/post of interest.

I dont know how to do that

I wonder how many hours/years were spent developing Crust, shame to see it go.

there is a phylosophy that say there are no mistakes/failures but only chances to learn and get better in each “failure/mistake”

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I don’t think it was a mistake or a failure though. It was just someone else solved the same problem at the same time, and it made sense to work with that. But you are right in that there is not really any down side to creating and learning.


Over 10 years and hundreds of thousands of pounds. Living on the leading edge means this happens, when we are lucky. Seems weird but being in the lead means others follow, here quic soved an issue we were coding up, but the IETF have way way more resources than us and did

  1. A great job
  2. Created a standard that many others will use (facebook,cloudflare, amazon, facebook, google already do and have OSS implementations out there)

The mistake for us would be continue to develop the functionality created by quic and doing so in a silo where only we use it, then have to fake the traffic to look normal etc. So the move was good Engineering, the pity is that functionality did not exist until recently.


@dirvine and the Maidsafe team, I appreciate everything that you and your team have done. Keep up the good work.


What a great courage to abandon crust. Courageous abandon


I think there are people that dont like change and would continue doing something that has been done well and as a standard, but thats not maidsafe! I believe maidsafe has a fresh and open mind on doing the best as in quality and speed! so leaving development of a code that has been done better I believe was a no brainer for maidsafe!!!


@dirvine ‘s persistence alone made me look up the nomination process for knighthood today.

I feel that many active people have burned out and taking a break, just watching. I count myself fortunate to have been watching passively and only getting active now.

When the network launches successfully it should be certainly Sir David.


I get the feeling he wouldn’t be that interested, prefering the quiet life. His leather jacket on the other hand…


A completely different story, that thing has a mind of it’s own and only comes with me to conferences where I speak. :smiley: :smiley:


I think we all know who’s the boss. :grinning:

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There is no way back now. Should have thought of this in, what is it, 2006? :-):wink:

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