Forum update: New Mods, Wiki, New Category

Hi everyone, here’s a little update about how our forum is doing and what’s going on in our community. First of all I would like to welcome @fergish and @jm5 to the team of moderators. Both are quite active on this forum and now will keep an eye on the topics from the viewpoint of Mods as well. Together with @Melvin @frabrunelle @hillbicks @happybeing and myself we now have a 7-people strong team who will try to keep this forum a great place for all of you. These are indeed a lot of people for a peaceful forum like this, but we expect the community to grow quite fast when Dev-bundle’s come out and we all start to test the network. Another point to be made is that not all the Mod’s are online at the same time. This forum is still community driven so we don’t check all the topics all the time as well. Do you see something which isn’t in line with our Forum Guidelines? Feel free to Flag that topic. All of us will get a notification so we can look at it. Are you in doubt about something? Want to send the Mod-Team a personal message? Just add @moderators as the recipients and you message us all at the same time.

A great place for more technical information is the SAFE Network Wiki. @hillbicks has put a lot of energy in this one and @nicklambert also helped out with getting the right topics at the right place. The idea is this will be the central place where we can translate system-docs. Easy for anyone to help out. So feel free to offer your help if you like to.

When it comes to the forum over the last week, the best one for me to quote is @Doomedj2008 in this topic. In the normally so quiet weekend a lot people jumped on the code for the Vault and Client and started compiling and testing local networks. @Doomedj2008 added this great reply:

Look what happens when you give us something to play with @dirvine, 64 posts in 3 days! smile

And this is exactly what this forum should be about. Learning, testing, building, discovering, helping etc.
@frabrunelle added a new category which is called: RFC

The “RFC” (request for comments) process is intended to provide a consistent and controlled path for new features to enter the network and core libraries, so that all stakeholders can be confident about the direction in which the network is evolving.

A great place where we can discuss new features which could be part of SAFEnet in the future. @Fraser asked us all to join these discussions in the latest Dev-Update so if you have some great code, feel free to propose an RFC for a blockchain (sorry,couldn’t resist :joy:) or anything else if you like, but be fast with that one, next sprint almost starting :wink:

Below are some stats from the forum. There are 2 great things I’ve noticed. First of all, we have had 61 new users over the last 30 days. Which means we see 2 new users daily. Welcome folks! At these same 30 days, people gave out 3250 likes to topics/replies they liked.

Thank you all for being part of this community, even more great times are coming!


Thanks for that table. would it be possible to post these regularly? say at the first of each month to see a summary of the forum activity of the previous month? 61 new users sounds great, would be nice to see that number increase even further with time :smile:


Yeah, was talking about regular posting with @Melvin this morning. Think it’s a great idea. We will do that.