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MaidSafe is busy and our community is busy, a lot is going on and developments are being made on a daily basis. As a community, we use the SAFE Network Forum to share skills, knowledge and interests through ongoing conversation. We also use the forum to keep informed on the status of MaidSafe developments.

Let’s have a look at what the current options are for someone who wants to follow what’s going on in Project SAFE.

SAFE Network Forum

The forum is a great place for having civilized discussions, asking technical & non-technical questions, and reading informative conversations. But if your primary goal is to stay informed, it can get quite overwhelming especially if you only check the forum a few times a week. There are so many new topics and replies that it’s hard to quickly figure out what the most important posts of the week are.

Once you have an account, Discourse does a great job at keeping track of what you’ve read, but if you don’t visit for a few days it can be easy to fall behind. Discussions can get long and interesting, there is a lot of information to soak in. There is an option to receive a weekly digest but it doesn’t necessarily highlight the most significant news.


Blogs (e.g.,,, etc.) are excellent news sources and are easy to subscribe to via RSS (or sometimes via email). But we can’t expect blogs to cover every single piece of significant news. And if many blog posts are published in a given week, it can be hard to figure out which of the posts are the most significant (unless you look at the forum, but even then, it’s not as easy as it could be).


It’s possible to subscribe to the individual MaidSafe repositories and watch for updates. But if you are not a developer, it can be hard to filter out the most significant updates. That’s why we have the Weekly Dev Updates, but it can still be cool to look directly at GitHub sometimes (e.g. for the RFC papers and discussions).


It’s cool to look at the JIRA dashboard once in a while, but again, if you’re not a core dev, it’s probably better to just read the Weekly Dev Updates.


A good option, but you need to actually create an account and understand how to use Twitter. And if there are a lot of tweets in a given period, it can be hard to figure which ones are most significant.


There is a MaidSafe subreddit, which is great for people who like to check Reddit often, but it’s not very active at the moment. We also have to keep in mind that the subreddit is hosted on servers controlled by Reddit.

As you can see, the current options are all very time-consuming. Wouldn’t if be great if you could just enter your email on a website (no need to create an account) and automatically receive the top 10 posts of the week?

And what if that newsletter was generated automatically based on the votes of the people who participate in Project SAFE? People who want to could create an account, submit new posts and vote for what they think are the most significant posts of a given week.

This is exactly what we’ve done with Project SAFE News.

A good inspiration for what we want to do is the content of the /r/bitcoin subreddit, in the sense that it allows you to quickly see what’s going on in Bitcoin (instead of going to BitcoinTalk). But instead of using Reddit, we can host the open source Telescope software on servers we control, have a simple and clean design and let people subscribe to a weekly newsletter without creating an account.

We’ve also taken inspiration from Product Hunt. We like how they separate the posts on the homepage by days instead of showing an infinite list of the “hottest” posts like on Reddit. That way, you can visit every day and focus on the posts for that day. And if you miss a day or two, you can quickly see what the top posts were for that day. It feels less overwhelming than having a single list of top posts.

Since Telescope is built with Meteor (which I am very familiar with), we can easily customize pretty much anything about Project SAFE News.

The source code for Project SAFE News is hosted on GitHub (so far I have only made very minor customizations).

The main goal of Project SAFE News is to generate a weekly newsletter of the most significant links based on the votes of the community. This will help all of us to stay current with the advancements of Project SAFE and will also be an easy way to initiate someone to Project SAFE (by recommending they subscribe to the newsletter).

Come check out, post your links, vote on others and help create the weekly newsletter!

If you are interested in what you see, have some feedback or just like the idea, we can have conversations here on the forum and also on the #newsletter Slack channel (you can join by entering your email here).

Also, we are currently looking for people who would like to help us out moderate the site, if you are interested please contact us.

Most importantly, please create an account, visit the site every day and vote on your favorite posts. In order to grow the community and spread the word about Project SAFE, please share this site with whatever social network it is that you use :smile:.


Hi all,

@frabrunelle and I started working on this project two weeks ago. For me, it has been an exciting process. Learning new things and how to work online collaboratively. Francis is great to work with, very organised and thoughtful, quite the inspiration. The “news” idea came about from a few people collectively; it can be very difficult to keep informed on the many different aspects of the SAFE Network, its current development and its future possibilities. Francis and I are very excited to present this project to you and greatly look forward to seeing what the community will do with the site.

Enjoy, share and vote away :slight_smile:


I have checked the forums twice a day, on average, since it started and I have to say I have never been so excited to read or listen to anything related to the SAFE network as I am the last couple of weeks.

This is awesome folks! Thanks for showing another great example of the power of collaboration.


First time I’ve seen ‘.news’ as a top level domain! Also, great work, I’m excited to start using this.


Thank you @frabrunelle and @jm5 is fantastic news.

This looks superb, and promises to be among the must valuable innovations for supporting Project SAFE we have, ranking alongside the now unmissable weekly dev updates and the forum itself.

We’ve long needed something like this that people can subscribe to. Brilliant, just brilliant! Thank you :slight_smile:


The first newsletter has been sent!

You can view it online here.

For people who were subscribed, I am sorry for sending two emails (I scheduled a test campaign but forgot to delete it, I’ll try to more attentive next time :stuck_out_tongue:).

So this was the result of just 3 days of posts on Project SAFE News (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

For the next newsletter (which will be sent on Monday, July 27), we would like to have more people vote on the posts. Please register on Project SAFE News, visit the site every day and vote on what you think are the most important posts of the week :smiley:

Or if you would simply like to subscribe, you can do so by entering your email on :smile:


Thank you guys! I subscribed, retweeted the news, and received the first (two) newsletters in my mailbox. Works like a charm, Thanks for all the hard work!

@frabrunelle I’m digesting the call for help… Because I have a busy daytime job and 2 young kids at home that (happily) absorp most of my free time. However, working with news and moderating a site is not completely new to me (running a fan website about an American rock band since 2003). I’ll come back to it, maybe you could explain a little what this task would involve? Would love to help you guys out, but I have to squeeze it in somewhere, depending the jobs to be done. :slight_smile:


The newsletter for last week has just been sent!

You can view it here.

Once again, if you haven’t subscribed to the newsletter yet, you can do so by entering your email at


This week I decided to make a logo for Project SAFE News :grinning:

This Week in Project SAFE – Monday, August 3rd 2015


This Week in Project SAFE – Monday, August 10th 2015

This week I redesigned the website and I also moved to, which should be easier to share. It’s made for people who want an invite to Project SAFE Slack.


Things are developing along splendid. Thank you for all of your efforts :thumbsup: