Forum Update: New mod, some little changes

Hi everyone,

Here’s the tenth update about how our forum is doing and what’s going on in our community (read the previous one here).

New members and forum growth

First of all we would like to welcome all new members. We’re at 2877 members right now! We are very pleased to see our community grow at its current rate.

New moderator

We would also like to welcome @Krekc to the mod-team. We already have quite a few mods, but since a number of them are busy with projects and personal things we needed some extra eyes on the forum. Mark did a great job helping out with the SAFE logo competition and is a very active member on this forum.

Forum guideline change

We added a new rule to the Forum Guidelines. We did this because we still see members come in to just spread negativity and FUD.

Also remember:

Avoid gratuitous negativity. Critical thinking is good; shallow cynicism, on the other hand, adds nothing of value to the community. If you have something important but negative to say, that’s fine, but say it in a respectful way.

Other projects category removed from frontpage

Another change we made is removing the #other-projects category from the frontpage. Since this forum is dedicated to the SAFE Network project we feel that the primary focus should be on topics that directly related to SAFE and the Apps that people are building on top of the network.

Discussions about other projects are still valued and appreciated, and can still be found and created in the #other-projects category. Please search for existing topics before making new ones. We already have topics about Ethereum, Storj and many other projects. These are the topics in which to discuss new podcasts, interviews, etc.

Deletion of off-topic replies

Something we get messaged about now and then is the deletion of off-topic replies. When an off-topic reply is deleted users receive a PM from moderation with the message: “We deleted one of your replies due to being off-topic”. We get questions about how and why the post is off-topic.

Say we have a topic about Farming Rewards. When is a reply off-topic? What we always ask ourselves as mods is:

  • Is this on-topic (in this case about Farming Rewards)? Or is it a personal conversation between 2 people which has nothing to do with the OP?

A reply like: “You never make any valid points as you don’t understand this tech” is considered both off-topic as well as a personal attack. It doesn’t have to do anything with Farming Rewards, and will usually sparks an off-topic conversation between users. Who wouldn’t be triggered to respond (off-topic) to a reply like this?

A reply like: “Your point isn’t valid as the Farming Reward changes over time” is okay. It’s on-topic and criticizes something another member said.

We hope this makes sense as we want to allow criticism on this forum as long as it’s constructive and conveyed in a civil manner. If you spot something that’s not okay, always flag it. All mods will get a notification and we will then look at the post.

Developer forum

For the real tech-talk we’d like to point to the Dev Forum once more, where devs can discuss the SAFE Network RFCs and ask technical questions about the SAFE Launcher API and the Dev Tutorials.

On this forum we’re heading for 3000 members which is a great thing :thumbsup:

The ants are coming



I read new mod and came for an explanation of the little yellow line that’s appeared in the list of topics… sometimes it looks like 24hr break others times I’m not sure :smiley:

Congrats @Krekc … and perpetual thanks to the mods for doing a great job all round.


Mystery to me me as well to be honest.

You mean the little red line? :slight_smile:

It makes it easy to see which topics were updated since your last visit.

  • above this line: topics that are new or updated since your last visit
  • below this line: topics that were not updated since your last visit

See this topic for more info: