Talk to us! -- Audio Call (LIVE NOW!)

Hey SAFE Community!!

@frabrunelle and I have been looking at ways to get the community more involved with each other, and we decided that a group audio /video call would be great!

Would be a great chance to ask any questions, talk to devs, share your projects / ideas, and anything else!

I was thinking that thursdays could be great, right after the dev updates, since that’s when the most people are here online. Good idea?

Anyway, we’re starting one right now, so…



Hey everyone, you can join us in that updated link above

It’s me and francis right now, join us!

@hunterlester @happybeing @JPL everyone!

You DONT need an account! Just click the link above to talk instantly!


I’m in as well :+1: :+1: :+1:

EDIT: @harshadp08 just joined


Great! Chat is working very well right now!

looks like it’s about 6 of us so far

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I tried but my browser won’t have it. Going to reboot into Windows now


hmm, looks like it kicked me off

I’ll try on my desktop

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There’s room for 8 people. And there are some spots open at the moment, feel free to join :+1:.


yeah about 3 spots free right now looks like!

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Great to meet all you guys!

Was a great call! I’ll definitely help with a call like this every thursday after the updates!

thanks for helping each other get your vaults, AWS, etc all set up. the call was a great idea @frabrunelle !

I got a lot out of it and will prepare something to show off for the next one! (and I’ll buy a mic too :stuck_out_tongue: )

PS It’s still going on if you want to join!


Just tried from my Android,

Just hang on this message forever. Not sure what the issue was, but at least it looks like the website would accept mobile devices also in principle

is there anybody there?

I just checked and there are still some people on that call. Sorry I didn’t stop to say hi. I might check in again when I am on my lunch break if people are still around. :slight_smile:


Ah, too bad looks like I missed it this time. Maybe next time. :wave:t4:


It was good meet some of you guys there!
It’s nice to see some SAFE faces after so many nice discussions with you!


I think a regularly scheduled meet in the same room would be good.

Who’s going to set the time so I can plan to join?


Yeah we were saying in the OP that Thursdays after the dev updates makes sense because that’s when the most people are here on the forums


Rather than one regular time slot, perhaps two would be good. With folks in Australia, Europe, Russia, North and South America (and that’s just the ones I know about) it’s hard to pick a time that’s not in the dead of the night for someone or in the middle of their working day. Amusing to see people in t-shirts with the blazing California sun streaming through the window while some of us were in jumpers, heating on, filling an hour or two before going to bed. Anyway, as well as putting faces to names it’s a great format for Q&A. A group of us were working through setting up an AWS server with @harshadp08 and in doing so I immediately saw a step I’d missed. It’s the way forward people! :grinning:


Yeah I mean we can do as many of these calls as people want, at any time really. The service is free and people are free to jump into a call whenever they want

But officially, me and frabrunelle will help organize a call every Thursday after the dev update, so people can discuss the news and ask questions, etc.


You guys are amazing keep it up!!! I hope there is an author out there who is a non coder who will quickly learn SAFE from the ground up (and coding) and write a SAFE bio that will help others understand in simple and direct ways and help explode interest and understanding close to the launch. Might take 3 years to do that but now would be the time, and conversations with good authors could be stimulating for the players. Has to be some scifi writers. Maybe a scifie writer teamed with an expert to write it, then no 3 year ramp.

Other day had a critical meeting apparently double booked because of S3 going down and resulting damage to human trust and embarrasment. It wasn’t immediatly obvious it was S3 and there is still doubt. Stuff lingers and accumulates and then goes malignant. SAFE is a cure.

I still think SAFE is the size of DOS 1.0 its viral in size and could spread that way. I know there have been or will be some aps or extensions like browsing and search but I have a feeling stuff be so tight that even if you roll it all together with mio 6 and meshkit sdk (I know density issue etc. at present) the whole thing would be the size of a small app, that could run on increasingly beast like smart phones…


This thread is sad, i hope to be able to come back to this in the not too distant future and be able to join a video chat running on safe network.

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