MaidSafe Protocol: TestNet 2 *event*

Google hangout link:


This event takes place at 17:30 if you are in the UK and not 18:30 as previously advertised. The clocks changed at the weekend, apologies for the confusion. The timings in the US remain unchanged (13:30 on the east coast and 10:30 on the west coast).


That’s 18:30 CET for the people in Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris etc. :smiley: I’ll be watching.

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We can try something new for this Hangout on Air. I’ve just created on a channel called #hangouts-on-air on the Project SAFE Slack team.

Slack enables real-time text chat. This can be useful for people who are streaming the Hangout but are not participating with one of the SAFE Pods.

Slack doesn’t support open channels at this point (but it’s in their roadmap) and so I need to invite you manually. Please send me your email via a direct message if you want to get invited. Thank you :smile: