Milestone Alert Update: Autonomi is Entering Early Technical Beta!

Autonomi is Entering Early Technical Beta!

Today marks a significant milestone for our project, as we officially enter our Early Technical Beta Phase!

:wrench: What is it?
As the name suggests, this first phase of beta, is for those who are technically proficient and likely well versed in the project - you’re also likely to be connected to others on the forum who will usually be on hand to guide you as/if needed.

That is not to say if you are new to Autonomi that you cannot get involved, if you’re comfortable with a CLI-based Test Net (available through our forum - please see official links), then we’d love to have you take part.

What’s Next?
This Early Technical Beta Phase, will enable us to move with confidence in Early Open Beta.

This is where all those early to the project will be able to participate should they wish - via nodes - thanks to the release of an intuitive interface, all those who participate in Early Open Beta can start earning rewards.

As you would expect, with a user interface and network robustness tested through Early Technical Beta, we will be promoting the running of network nodes out to web3 and to relevant tech cohorts. BUT before then, there will be a limited period of time ahead of Early Open Beta just for this community to get started using a more intuitive experience layer (GUI) - if you would like to be part of this, you can sign-up here: COUNT ME IN

(I will just say ‘rewards’ one more time in case you were wondering whether it’s worth it …)

As always @everyone we really appreciate your unwavering support and we’re very much looking forward to this adventure ‘to launch’ together :handshake:


First with read, COUNT ME IN


Silver again! Finally, a GUI to test with! Who does that CLI stuff anyway? :roll_eyes:


Who are our first 2 strategic partners?


I put down 1 node as I have never run more than one, but am happy to increase the number of nodes and the initial donated memory I put on the form.


All will be reviled… it’ll be a nice surprise!


Hey, nice to see how the structure of the process is starting to unfold. Good idea to have have a closed group testing GUI before opening it up.

I almost wrote closet group, but maybe we could be called that. :smile:




Haha… I’m so fat fingered today


IDK if I did this right but I filled out 3 forms cause well, I did one for linux nodes from home, 1 for Windows nodes from home and 1 for Cloud nodes. Does it matter?


Yeah, that’s cool. It’s just to get the appetite for different options, and seeing where we may need more support, or test coverage.


Can anything be said in advance about the GUI? For instance, is there any chance it will be a WASM browser-based GUI?


Don’t forget LLM based.


Can this be explained please (? @JimCollinson )

Autonomi is much more than just web and when the AI component is added, a whole lot more than web.

[Opinionated rant incoming]
Web3 is such a misused term and typically meant to promote more scammy crypto assets. And in the non-crypto world even more used to make the company look cool without much behind it. Basically it has no meaning other than trying to promote whatever they want. Its so bad that I see web3 and scam/marketing lies comes to mind immediately


With the webform that asks, how many GB you can share I put 100GB

I have TB free on other drives (windows), but because there is no easy way to assign those drives to both chunking and Node work at installation time…the smallest OS drive is used.

We need to get Client (data), Node, Node-Manager to prompt for locations…I’d prefer to have all chunking, logs, Nodes be happening on a dedicated drive (not spread about). Client minus chunks and logs is good on C:


I am very excited to see this evolution into beta testing.
BTW, you all finally dragged me into disord over this. I hope that this sacrifice in privacy :wink: will get us to a secure and private network tomorrow.


It’s a term associated with Failure and Blockchain and has no place in these halls.


Now with the birth of this decentralized wonder, we raise our glasses to you, weavers of bits! To David and the team that birthed this autonomous network—a cosmic marvel—may your code compile flawlessly, and may your moonshots ascend to the stars. :clinking_glasses:


Signed up! But I think the form needed a question about our network bandwidth up and down. I still think that will be the limiting factor for most people. eg I have loads of CPU, RAM and TB of storage to throw at this but I think I’ll only be able to run 5 to 10 nodes from home with my crappy 80 down/20 up ADSL. So I put 5 nodes and reduced the storage down based on that.

I worry there will be a lot fewer nodes up than you think because people will say they can run a lot of nodes based on their machine sizes. Then find they have to switch a lot of them off to make their home network usable again. Or they just never all start up properly in the first place.


Love to be helping with all these tests, but im electrically challenged for the time being.

Old houses.

Thanks to all of you who are.