Building awe on Mac

@gmason Thank you so much for stepping up. I’ve started a topic in case we need help from others. Is that ok?

If so, have you built things on Mac already, such as using the safe_network repo? I have zero experience on Mac but I’m sure others will help if we need it.

The repository to clone and build is GitHub - happybeing/awe: A Website Publisher/Browser for Autonomi (demo) and there’s small section here about developing which you need. If you can keep notes of what you need to do to get set up, we can add a section for building on Mac to that.

Let me know what level of help you need to get going. I’m working on features and bugs all the time so I’ll once you can build, I’ll let you know when to create a release.

I have web hosting for my builds so we’ll have to get you uploading somewhere at some point, or do you have somewhere you can host yourself?


I could host some files on my NAS, for instance, but I doubt I would be able to build it.

Oh sorry, I thought you were offering to try building! That’s what I’m looking for help with. Hosting is not a big deal.

Apologies for the misunderstanding.

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