Now Hosting: Safe Chats

Every few weeks @JimCollinson, @piluso, @m3data, and I have been meeting to talk about marketing strategy and other topics relevant to Safe. We’d like to open up the opportunity to members of the community to join the discussion. It would be great if ~2 community members could join each session.

The first ~45 min of the conversation will be about marketing strategy. After that, we’ll open up the floor for broader discussion on Safe. In addition to defining the marketing strategy, the hope is to leverage content from these discussions as video to build awareness and engagement as well.

The next Safe Chat will occur at 9 PM GMT today. If you want to join, reply to this thread or send me a DM. As additional Safe Chats are scheduled, I’ll post an update here.


Any chance these can be recorded? or would that stifle it a wee bit?


These are recorded.


I think a regular public forum like this is a fantastic initiative. Even though it’s not my thing!

The folks at Solid are way behind in terms of community engagement, but one thing I’ve liked is that they have set up a monthly “Solid World” event where they talk about what’s happening and invite people to give presentations on things they are doing with or which relate to the project.

They use Eventbrite for this, so I’ve not attended and so far not watched any of the recordings, but it is the kind of thing some people love, shares well and so a good thing to see happening on Safe. @fergish podcasts were excellent for similar reasons. Many possible formats and great to see. Good luck!


Last time we recorded via my MaidSafe Google HO which allowed it… but I’m having a bit of a tech related nightmare today, so do we have a backup solution in case I can’t tonight?


I could probably join in next time.


9pm GMT on a Friday? I hope the beers will be flowing! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We might have to use zoom instead of Google…

I was gonna crack one open last time, but didn’t know if that would have seemed unprofessional. Although I feel I have the community blessing now!


For more than 1 I believe :smiley:


just software, if you have a camera and mic then cool. You need at least a mic.

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About Jitsi Meet | Free Video Conferencing Solutions I’ve been using this for distance music classes and it has been only excellent so far. Foss, no sign up required. Works like zoom, you share a link and off you go from the browser in the desktop. Haven’t done more than one on one myself but I have heard of it being used for group stuff too, could be worth trying.

Also not my kind of thing but I think it’s a fab idea, look forward to checking out the chats!


Jitsi is the best option… although I haven’t used it for groups yet either.

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Today’s Safe Chat will be postponed till next week while we sort out tech issues and to give people more time to sign up to join. When we align on the new time, we’ll let everyone know!


Jitsi is a great option @jlpell and @JayBird - I’ve used it for one-on-ones and group sessions. Although I’ve found the quality is sometimes poor for group call recordings. This might be a combination of the servers being overloaded and variable bandwidth that people have with their internet connections. There are a few host options for this as well, is one of them that I’ve had more stability with.


A technology test of jitsi meet is online now. Not sure how long it will last if no one shows. Will try keep it open until 13:30 UTC (02/20/21).

Here is the meeting link:

Very informal, just a test of the platform to see ease of use / quality. If not acceptable for the current Safe Chat plan, then it may prove useful for other needs.

Update: No one else visited. Leaving the room open for a few more hours.

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Bumping this thread. The jitsi meeting link above still works so I encourage those interested to give it a try.

So what do we think for Friday folks? Jitsi? I’m gonna put a reminder in the Dev update tomorrow, but I’ll start a new thread for it, so we can put the final link in the top post.

From what I can see, Jitsi seems to functionally max out at about 35 participants, but I think that should be fine. We also have the option to livestream it too, so folk can follow along if we are hitting problems.

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If you go with jitsi, the security options to password protect the meeting and create a “lounge” to screen joiners are found by clicking on the “shield” icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Jitsi also has a livestream option, but I wasn’t able to test it since I don’t have a youtube account.

jitsi is cool. I use an online UUID generator to create a unique room name before sharing.

If you choose a simple room name, you will likley have an accidental merge with another meeting, thats the only problem i’ve had with jitsi.