Storj and Maidsafe

The recent rise of certain alt coins on poloniex caused me to wonder what storj was. Low and behold, it is almost the exact same thing as the maidsafe network. Superficially, it works the same way, chunking files, encrypting them, then distributing them throughout the network. Major differences would be a blockchain to validate something or the other. I got bored reading the white paper. My question is, what are the pros/cons of storj vs maidsafe? Or, what are the differences from a dev point of view? Is this even on your guys radar? I should think it would be, considering they’re in beta test of their network it seems (no pressure ;D ) I guess I want to get a feel for the opinion of this option in the fight for decentralization, from those here on the board. It seems like a promising project that is heading down the same path as maidsafe, notwithstanding some implementation differences.

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