Idea for a project/Require consultation

I didn’t know where exactly to start, I introduced myself in the introduction thread. Full disclosure, I am a member of the Bitshares community. I read up about you guys on Bytemaster’s blog (also read that he didn’t get a lot of the facts correct but that’s a separate issue), and I like your guys’ idea and think you may be able to answer some questions that I have to help me with a project I’ve been working on for some time. Maybe it winds up on the MAIDSAFE network, maybe it doesn’t (really it all depends on whether or not the network can handle blockchain technology, which I plan on utilizing).

My first questions center around torrenting and distributed hash tables, something I know for a fact MaidSafe will be using in the Kademlia format. My first question to you is whether it is possible to write into code whether or not a Node can join in on the Distributed Hash Table to use a GET function for a specific file but are not capable of using a PUT function unless they pay a specific Node in the network? In other words, is it possible to create a distributed hash table where Nodes may leech all they like but must pay for the ability to seed? I suspect this is possible but I need clarification. If MaidSafe does do this already, where can I find it in the code?

Secondly, how does MaidSafe transition coins from one group of 32 “transaction managers” to the rest of the network? What is the exact process? I think I read somewhere about a chain of 9, and I think I have some basic understanding, but I want solid confirmation.

Thirdly, is it possible for the MaidSafe delivery of data to reach end users at speeds beyond itunes and google? Does the P2P set up enable that kind of blazing speed?

I eagerly await your responses. Thank you again in advance. If you would like to know more about my project, feel free to drop me a private message.

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Welcome, hope you get as much info here as bitshares also seems to share with their community. This seems to be a very friendly community and more tech/deep issue focussed as opposed to mostly economics, so pretty nice.

Yes that is how we work, you can see the current code in Nfs repo (look for data_getter). For seeding it means holding data, you you get paid for that by the network.

This is one of the nice aspects, you do not need to. The network has state across the whole 2^512 address range, all you need to kow is that it is accurate and not the whole state (nobody knows everything and they should not, it is fundamental to us, the nature approach, all you need know is everything is right but not what it is, but you know if you query for something it will be accurate.

Mostly conjecture at the moment, caching should certainly allow data to come from memory in nodes to you, so network speed. We are more concerned you get data faster than you consume it. Remember here you never need the whole file, just the part you need, so for music video etc you can get the chunk you ware watching and fast forward quickly to other chunks. As each chunk has a start and end, unlike a while file stream then this is very vast in terms of seek to a part of ta file.