Slashdot's reaction to storj

Storj is another project that pays you in cryptocurrency to store other people’s data.

I was reading these almost exclusively negative comments, and they reaffirmed my view that I would never want to run a Maidsafe node, even if the data is split up into shards:

Does anyone disagree?

lol, idk, maidsafe isnt rly that, its more of a non central internet, not solely a storage for other peeps service

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Like asking do you want to float through the sky to go places before anyone has seen a plane :slight_smile: Would have been better to focus on tech. I spoke about maidsafe on slashdot a while ago a few times. Slashdot used to be brilliant but not so much these days. I used to have some good conversations about licencing/patents etc.

Used to be where you could dive deep into tech, I wish it still was.

As for you opinion it’s valid if that is how you think, misses the point by a long way though. Its like saying I am not going on the internet there is bad stuff there and that kinda thing, phones tv telephone all had crazy resistance for many reasons that seemed valid.

If you watch some videos on what folks can do then even attempting to understand whats in javsript or what you think is a pdf would amaze you, at least in SAFE such files would not get to your actual hard drive. So its a very different issue as well as none of our nodes know what they store or think they store, its a different model.

check this out its a real laugh actually, nice bloke (also other lectures from that conference.)


That link and discussion also is highly inaccurate in terms of MaidSafe… you aren’t storing anyone’s garbage… it is data that is paid to be sliced and you store just a random scramble of a fraction of a data…

It would be better if people had a real description of a decentralized networking software that allows for the storage of scattered bits and pieces of scrambled representations of whole data.

And then! see the opinions of the others.

LOL ^^ @dirvine

I watched the first few minutes of that interesting video - reinterpreting all those files reminds me of steganography. Was the point that you were making that all data is just neutral data without any legal/moral implications? When it comes to CP I would disagree.

“Its like saying I am not going on the internet there is bad stuff there”
Its more like saying that yes there is bad stuff out there on the internet, and I dont want to face legal consequences for sharing some of that stuff.

“So its a very different issue as well as none of our nodes know what they store or think they store, its a different model.”
Can you 100% guarantee that the NSA could never correlate the blocks on my Maidsafe node with data shared on the network?

I dont want to sound negative about Maidsafe I just have questions. Disruptive technology is always used for good and bad.

It doesn’t really matter what the contents of the file are if they are extremely hard to trace and also unrecognisable from the point of view anyone but the owner. The point is that you get paid.

There’s no such thing as a 100% guarantee, but it’d be extremely costly to do so, since the network is in a constant state of flux and has multiple layers of encryption. In addition, it’s also rather useless, the moment your system goes offline the network makes another copy and stores it randomly on another system, so it’s impossible to remove data from the network that way.

Also, what would they prosecute you for, even in the case of child porn? That there is a random shard of encrypted, unrecognisable data that was originally a set of random blob of pixels (perhaps even merely the ceiling of the room) of a picture that contains child porn that was uploaded by some random dude from the other side of the world? That won’t hold, not even in a US court. It would be impossible for companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, etc, to run cloud services then, since anyone can upload the most disgusting and illegal content in encrypted form to it without their knowledge.

This over-focus on child porn is extremely unreasonable. Holders of child porn can already use encryption and store their shit anywhere they want, either locally or in the traditional cloud, and nothing can stop them from doing that. You can’t ban mathematical equations.

At the same time, practically the entire internet is vulnerable in terms of security on almost every level, it is a huge, world-wide problem. Just look at any of the studies warning that vital national infrastructure is extremely vulnerable, or what happened to Sony, or the extent of secret service spying, not only for security reasons, but also business espionage.

The abuse that can be solved by a safer internet platform like MaidSafe completely dwarfs the harm that some nefarious people can hide behind secure data storage and secure internet communication.


slashdot and spong etc. have always struck me as sponsored garbage and they are simply showing their colors once again as they have time and time again.

I know you guys at MaidSAFE can’t rush this praying you can get it out in the nic of time because they will be coming after you with the formulaic BS. But if you get it right they won’t be able to do that in the future for anything.

There is an interesting word “TRUTH,” and while we only ever have approximations of it at best, “only the truth is true.”

edit, saw David Irvine’s post about SlashDot, I guess I would have only been acquainted with the SD items that made it onto other sites.

Maybe they don’t want a solution.

Skimmed through 5-10 high ranked comments and IMO most of the negative comments are garbage and can be ignored. (Who still reads Slashdot? It’s a hotbed of nanny state technologists!)

Also, Storj is different from MaidSafe.

Disc: I own a modest amount of “fuel” for the both products/services/platforms.

When it comes to CP I would disagree.

I assume CP is child pornography.

No one here supports that or wishes to help people interested in that. So why do we do this, when we know it will be used for this and other harmful purposes?

I can only speak for myself. As a father I have extremely strong feelings about anyone harming children, especially my children! So I get why people don’t want anything to do with it.

I can set this aside though, because I see enormous potential benefits of this system, and believe that it is important it is that we go for them. Why?

Because… If we don’t make some big changes to this society, to our global communities, decentralising political and economic power, and rebooting democratic ideas.

…If we don’t manage to foster human to human relationships without the damaging meditation of ideological power structures (religious political, racist, classist etc) then I believe the consequences will be far far more terrible, especially for my children, than any unwittingly help we provide to people who use SAFE to share child pornography, or to plan other harmful activity.

There will always be bad stuff. I believe that what defeats it is in part not helping it, but mostly it is about creating good stuff.


Not to mention the fact that some of the worst child sexual abusers are the elite who are served by the state, and whom will be protected by it, while child porn is used as a club to excuse no privacy for anyone, thus eliminating the means for others to uncover THEIR abuses.


Ahoy. Storj dev here (and also now in your Slack #lounge :smile:). I think many of the negative comments are from folks who did not really read more about our platform or our whitepaper and make some assumptions (or bring up concerns that are already addressed elsewhere).

Similar to folks who discuss the merits of MaidSafe as a blockchain application ;). Lots of people don’t do their research and discussions snowball on incorrect/incomplete assumptions.



Following the logic of never allowing anything that helps child pornographers:

  • shutdown internet service providers: they use internet
  • ban video cameras: they make movies
  • ban still cameras: they take photos
  • ban drawing: they draw pictures

Eradicate the problem at source:
Ban all children. :wink:


Slashdot still exists? Just kidding :smile: