Maidsafe is getting destroyed out there in the hype machine

Right now the future of the internet is being debated and decided. Maidsafe invariably comes up in conversations (lectures, podcasts and forum posts), but unlike Storj and Ethereum, we don’t have experts (even self-declared) out there telling people exactly why maidsafe is the right technology for the future.

Don’t get me wrong. Paige is great, but its not nearly enough. We need more core developers and leaders from here on the forum to get out there, lay down the facts and go toe to toe with evangelists for other technologies. Everyone who matters knows about maidsafe, but as more and more technologists become interested, their attention is being drawn into Storj, Ethereum or other blockchain technology, where there is just more of a push to get the word out.

Maidsafe is the preeminent decentralization technology currently in development, so let’s decentralize the responsibility of helping the wider community understand that fact. Start a podcast (I’m doing so, anyone who wants to help please message me), get video blogs or interviews up on YouTube, write articles. If youre an expert, talk about it. If youre a non-expert, find experts and talk to them! The future is being decided now.


I think the priority should be to finish it first. There is too much talked about vapour ware as it is. Delivering the goods as planned will do far more to convince people than evangelism, IMO.


Of course, but I think you’re setting up a false dilemma here. Whether we, the community, do a better job at getting the word out has no effect on how long the network will take to complete. We just want to be sure we have a huge, excited community ready to populate the network when it is ready. If core developers have an extra hour or so to do an interview here and there, I don’t think that would hurt either.


Greetings @PersonOfInternets,

The environment of bitcoin, is loaded with Ethereum and StorJ because… such folks have been building up the infrastructure of hype around bitcoin for many years now. Choosing Bitcoin is realistic, it is your homecooked meal by your favorite relative who’s been cooking for you for years…

Ethereum, StorJ is like McDonalds or Burger King… it’s fast… tasty because it is loaded with all extra stuff, greasy… at the end of your meal you wish you hadn’t had it.

MaidSafe is cooking up that great gourmet homecooked meal you always cherish; and that thing is not done in 5 minutes and doesn’t have yellow arches so you can see them on the high way… yet you’ve had more of the authentic stuff in your life hopefully’ at least everyone deserves it.

Ultimately, as you look closely, the hype around blockchain technologies is about payment processors; the really cool technologies like Alexandria at BlockTech for example are the real cool ones which most pass over, yet they are more valuable.

The planet does not need 10000000000000 new alt coins running etherers and playing game theory against eachother’ and even though the planet will get that; I know it will not succeed.

Slow and steady; yet on time… quit the sugar rush :wink:


I am concerned that publicising something incomplete does not help. It can turn people away as they think it can be a scam or vapour ware.

I don’t think we have to get too worked up about what’s said at large. But your post is a bit of a generality which I’d like to get specifics on.

What are you referring to when you say “Maidsafe is getting destroyed out there in the hype machine”? Specifics please, preferably with links.

I’d very much like to see what’s being said. Also, then, as knowledgeable community members, we can help set the record straight, if appropriate. The core Maidsafe team doesn’t need to be putting out most such fires just now.

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This should sum things up :smile:

If it were east it would have been done already.

So, keep talking about MaidSafe; because “The day before something is a breakthrough it’s a crazy idea.”


Brilliant! Although I’m quite optimistic about Ethereum as well (hope to have it soon!). But Maidsafe will be quite different from the rest. People will find out about it when it goes live. I tell my friends about it, they get the way it works, but we have to show some clients and installers to make people work with it and understand it. It’s like the first Iphone, you hold it, you got it and you wanted it. I’m not gonna scream of the rooftops that Maidsafe will be here this year. I just enjoy seeing new people coming to the forum and Slack and help them (and myself) to figure out how stuff works. And don’t tell anyone, but I got some extra coins last days while price got down as we’re a bit under the radar :wink:


I follow /r/rad_decentralization and other subreddits where I see lots of blockchain hype. I type ‘decentralization’ in YouTube and get mostly blockchain talk. These are lectures, interviews, etc where one can easily learn and get excited about this stuff. ‘Ethereum’ returns new hits all the time while ‘maidsafe’ is the same old stuff for months and months. Articles on popular online sites are all bitcoin and blockchain.

I know its not a huge deal, but I’d like to see more action.

This is actually very appropriate to where we are in the release cycle. Earlier promotion was appropriate to spread awareness and get the attention of those who could grasp the vision and get aboard to push it the rest of the way. The push is now on.

When the network is actually functioning to a better degree will be the time to broadly promote and ring the bells. In the meantime, there’s lots of work going on in the background getting the System Docs, and other papers and media to make the network more comprehensible to people at large.

A huge influx of people demanding to put the system into use and get all their questions answered would tend to swamp the forward progress of the work of sorting out details, getting code polished, technical bugs overcome, strategic decisions made, etc.

In the meantime, we’re growing a stronger and stronger foundational, diverse community that will be the base for bootstrapping the network.

We’re racing against the clock, not other platforms. So don’t worry that others are getting more hype than Maidsafe; Maidsafe is built on more solid stuff.


That’s not so strange. There are like hundreds of different blockchains out there. Most of the 2.0 is also running on blockchains. When do you here people talk about Open Transactions? And Ethereum not only got a little hyped, but they invest a lot of time in presentations, blogs etc. They fly all over the world, introduce their teams on youtube, already had a little conference etc. This will show up for Maidsafe as well. But I think the team is working on getting the 1.0 out there because they know that seeing is believing.

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In the first week of February SAFE Pod SF will be hosting a meetup; @ioptio @whiteoutmashups @culexevilman

And we’ve decided we’ll distribute 20 MaidSafeCoins to attendees as early access to the network; since we’re following closely and know the launch is imminent;


This. It may even be wise to be careful with marketing before and immediately after release. Hype creates volatility, and the last thing we need is our first large group of newcomers suffering massive losses because they bought SafeCoin on the top of the hype-spike. Better to have steady, moderate growth with less volatility.

Genuine interest of a slowly growing group of people is preferable over hype among a sudden huge group.


The sentiment that I get from the maidsafe team is that this is not a competition. I see see storj people posting here, Eris Industries posts here(uses Ethereum, not sure if Ethereum people are here or not). I am following both Storj and Eris and I hope they are successful.


I prefer to think of it as pure, natural, wholesome, well balanced nutrition.


I prefer to think of it as the best anticipatory feeling of Christmas from childhood :slight_smile:


Storj dev here. I had really hoped we were past the whole thing of putting one project down to support another. One of the reasons we have a lot of news about our project is because we engaged a lot of people positively and are cooperating with other projects. Vitalik has contributed to our whitepaper (outside of his official capacity at Ethereum) and we’re also considering using Ethereum contracts on our platform.

When I talk about Storj and “Storj vs. MaidSafe” I’m always clear about what each platform is and aims to accomplish. As I noted in another thread, I’m also clear to indicate MaidSafe is not a blockchain-based system.

I think the best thing MaidSafe can do (and is already doing) is engage with as many partners as possible in a positive and cooperative way. We already mentioned before that some of the front-end Storj applications could also talk to a MaidSafe API in the future.

I think we all need to remember the bigger vision we have here is to create a vibrant, decentralized future. To the extent we’re all successful in our own ways it will be better for everyone.

I think as our projects launch we will all have very fun and exciting time watching them evolve and grow.


-though not sure many things from super3 were true at the time;

Definitely glad to @EmergentBehavior that you are open minded; I’ve always welcomed each of the other projects; even invited to host the Ethereum meetups in SF; yet …welll… responses are apprehension…s…';…

Glad you’re looking past this @EmergentBehavior and reaching out to us; including being with us in the slack chatroom


“It would be great if you could store a file on the Storj or Maidsafe network, and access that file through either one,” writes StorjTalk forum administrator super3.

I really hope not…and what’s the point? Maidsafe has all the bases covered already.

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I can’t help but notice that this thread (and headline) contributes to the thing that the OP @PersonOfInternets is trying to refute, or at least valiantly highlight?