Wondering what r/Bitcoin thinks of Maidsafe and it's SAFE net?


This all help to create awareness, but maybe we should just ask people to try out the SAFE Network. My audio has been giving me a hard time, can somebody in this community please make a video showing how to install and play on the SAFE Network. People are not interested in talking or reading (short attention span), they want to see and maybe do.

This is not good enough, audio would be more fun

I’ve tipped a few sites about the Alpha Release, hoping they’ll write an article


@19eddyjohn75 do you ever listen to the singularity 101 podcast? I want to get David on there after launch if possible maybe we could team up on that if David is up for it. Also I want the FwThinking podcast to cover the tech after launch because so much that they talk about that might come in the future is basically all being done by maidsafe right now! The whole time I listen to these podcasts I’m shouting in my head “haven’t you heard of maidsafe!!!?” But I think waiting till at least Beta would be wise. Cheers


Hahahah me too dude.

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10 years of development! Must be a scam!

Okay, buddy. Okay. Go complain the same thing to Valve about their shitty software back in 00s. It took them over a decade to polish it up.

Maidsafe operates on Valve time. It’s done when it’s done.

I think every little bit helps, just like not everybody agrees on the logo not everybody will agree on how to reach a wider audience. I don’t get why @betterthantrav is getting flac from some, he is targeting an audience he believes in and I commend his effort. I dusted off my stale FB account today just to create a local page and threw some money at advertising it within a 50 mile radius to see if I could get some like minded folk together and at the same time spread the word in my area. As long as we all do just a little it will add up to a whole LOT. :slight_smile:


This is a good idea and I will do the same. Whats the expression, “Put your money where your mouth is.” :smile:

Edit: Imagine the impact the SAFE community could have if everyone spent $10 to advertise on FB or a social media outlet of there choice :wink:


coffee or beer in December here: http://keylimebistrocaptiva.com/

Lemme know :smile:

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a :beer: for sure…

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Sorry for my late responce “All I do is work work work work work”. Yeah know it. I’m happy to help however I can.

Secretly I’m hoping that this community could crowdfund a “What is the SAFE Network?” video through Kurzgesagt. If Maidsafe could put all the lego blocks together, maybe it might get over a million views, like this one:

But sucha thing would only make sense if people can download the lego blocks and start farming. I’m thinking about visiting my local library again and see if they are interested. I know that internet cafe’s are a good starting point for us all to target. So if you have a internet cafe close, tell them that they can farm SAFEcoin. That’s why more than anything we need good explantion videos.


They make great videos.

I dont think they will whore themselves out. Better to make a similar video and then put a marketing team and time line together.

Go for it. I think you’d be wasting your time.

However paying them to make the video for us in their style is something to definitely think about. They make the video, provide it to us for a fee and we do what we want with it afterward?


Yeah, more important they almost got 3 Million subscribers, those are all ants. :stuck_out_tongue:

For the investors the video can be monetize by putting it on the SAFE Network. We could even have it featured as the homepage of the SAFEr Browser.

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Sure but they will not post it to their channel. From what I can tell they do not do this. Wouldn’t hurt to ask though. But I think it would be more realistic if they made the video for us and then provided it to us in full to do with what we like.

We could then arrange a time line of marketing assign a list of us and then start working e.g. video upload to youtube > day 1 everyone watches, likes and shares on facebook, twitter, reddit, stumble upon and other networks > day 2 email friends people who may be interested > day 3 social network share again > day 4 share on a forum, not spam, just related forums asking people what they think > day 5 social share again and write a blog post or other forum of online article e.g. medium, scribd etc > day 6 make rip video and upload to live leak, meta cafe and other video sites > day 7 social share again and make response videos on youtube > day 8 everyone chips in what they can afford 10, 20, 50 bucks and we pay for advertising on youtube, facebook and twitter.


I think they will, because it’s another informational video. Thing is we want people to directly take action after watching the video.

Maybe we should also do a Thunderclap, steemit did and reached a few folks.

But we really need people to download this software and try it out. That’s priority #1 priority #0 I got to :sleeping: