Safecoin - Price talk

What’s the current price of maidsafe and why it dropped to below 50%?
Where’s it heading?

I wouldn’t worry too much about the price at least until the network is up and running, thats when its value will become apparent.


It dropped for a while but it went back up again. Latest trade on is 0.00004184 BTC/maid which is almost exactly the same that was paid in the crowd sale (1 / 23800 = 0,000042).


any other toughts? it’s so quiet in here… :slight_smile:

Its quiet because people here are interested in making SAFE happen and be successful, and know that the price of MaidSafeCoin right now is only if interest to speculators.

The price is bound to be depressed while people who bought it to get out of Mastercoin (which they were speculating in and found they couldn’t sell) cash in at the best price they can. They didn’t buy because they believe in MaidSafe, so they are artificially depressing the price.

Speculators are fine, but hardly anyone here at the moment is a speculator, so there is not much interest in the price, except in the long term.


Thank you for your answer. I agree. You have a nice day!


I noticed the price is at 5k sats right now. Impressive indeed! For a coin / technology that isn’t even launched yet!

@happybeing you are my hero for this whole week (Sorry you would be a hero for a whole month if you made something for SAFE hardware/software/merchandise).

Thanks @19eddyjohn75.

A personal hero and a Leader on the same day!

And I’m on holiday too, all good :slight_smile:


Happy holidays and enjoy sir


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Just checked price out, seems to be doing nicely now and quite steady just above ipo price for a while. I’ve got a feeling it’s about to rise especially as we approach testnet 2 .

It’s actually seen quite a bit of an uptrend in the past few days. Used to be consistent at 36-42 but now seems to be settling above 5K…

Muy interesante…

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I don’t see maidsafe in the list of coins on coinmarketcap. Where can the price be seen AND where can I find my coins. I purchased 4631 earlier in the year and, for months, I could see them on Now I cannot. How can I find my coins and is there anyplace/wallet to download them to yet? Bothers me that I own them and have no idea how to get my hands on them.

+coinmarketcap placed Maidsafecoins under Assets

The price of maidsafe will at least double at the end of July raised to 0.0002btc.
1, Poloniex open the margin trading and it brings much more buyers than sellers.
2, the roadmap nearly is reaching the next milestone test 3 phase.
3, bitcoin price gonna be stable for a while this month.
4, Chinese are catching up eyes on this project.
5, etc.

This is just a personal opinion, do not invest only depending on this pure speculation.


Notice how easy the LTC, PPC, NMC, BTC etc markets are manipulated by large whales…coin prices went up 3-5x in the past weeks and we’re talking about the top 5 crypto markets.

Once there’s enough interest in Safecoin (after Safecoin replaces Maidsafecoin) the whales will move the price up and 10000 satoshis will look like change.

I’m very bullish about this coin.


All those coins are in exchanges with high liquidity: BTCe, Jubi, BTC38

In Poloniex is harder see this kind of rises.

Is there a reason why it is not (yet) trading at Chinese exchanges?

Maybe nobody asked them for it. I think the development team don’t care about the price, that’s ok, and probably that’s the reason.

But close to the launch it will be great to see MAID token in other exchanges, BTC38, Jubi, Cryptsy… Maid will get much more exposure