Why is Safecoin price crashing like a rock?

Anyone? This is quite the drop in price. Any particular reason?

Is the team liquidating coins in order to sustain development?

i think someone is using the shallow market and the poloniex loaning capability to take advantage of the lack of demand and the high number of supply of coins out there to make a little bit of money.

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with no active network to fuel demand and very little in the form of marketing (i’m not pointing fingers in bitcoin anyone in the community can go market it…) we were lucky the price stayed as high as it was for so long.

There are some investors on here that have lots of coins that are not on the development team. One guy said he had something 200,000 coins. So maybe some people are selling some.

Question. If noone sold anything at all, would the price keep the same?

I’m happy to have more coins available to buy and lower price. Because when the network goes live prices will rise, so buy now.

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Don’t fall for this trick, I explained what is probably going on in the Poloniex topic.

When will the network go live? What’s the latest on that?

I’m sure the price will bump up. Considering all the altcoins that are worth less than one cent, MaidSafe has pretty good stats for Market Cap, 24 hr trading volume, coin availability, and price.


Aren’t there any exchanges out there other than Poloniex willing to list Safecoin?

If there is manipulation going on, this should help fix the problem.

don’t want to sound negative but it is too close to the network going live (well i hope this time…), I think you would have a very tough time getting people to add a coin like this (dependent on running Omni servers) only to have to swap it out for a completely new set of software in say 4-6 months.

of course if the network is not due to go live for another year then you might have a valid business case to present.


It’s easy to make the case to some exchange. It’s still a top 10 coin with nice volume. Some of the smaller exchanges should definitely be interested to bring more attention to their exchange.

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What do you mean? …,

I think the MAID price hasn’t really changed, just the BTC price keeps going up, so it makes MAID look cheaper


Not really. Maidsafe went from 8 mil market cap to 6 million in just 7 days.

The maid token is double the NXT token which is a fair price for the market, people blaming the rise in btc means MAID was over inflated.

Because I should buy more Maidsafecoin, why else?

I Love this low price, this is the price that will give my apps 20 years worth of computing for the price of 200 euro’s. :stuck_out_tongue:


low price may kill the coin, i am afraid that

Lol to this, ^


whale dumps

btc rise

masterxchange closes

That doesn’t make any sense. There would be less liquidity. Maybe more manipulation as well.

This is exciting and nerve racking at the same time. Perfect storm for lowering the price below IPO. I guess I’m an optimist and see it as a chance for the believers to be handsomely rewarded. It is definitely hard to trade my btc (almost breaking 300), but I already made the mistake of not following my gut (I talked myself out of buying 2k of bitcoin when it was $3).

Come on whales, lets see if we can dip below 1 cent:)

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