Limited shares

Apologies if this has been asked before; I’ve had a look and can’t find anything.

I acquired 2000 shares in Maidsafe in 2011 for £20k.

What are these worth today and what’s the potential worth if Maidsafe is a successfully completed project?


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For it being 2011 means they were not part of the Bank to the future (name??) sale of shares in a holding company holding Maidsafe shares. And cannot be MAID tokens since that didn’t happen till 2014.

So I gather these are shares in the company Maidsafe and @dirvine is the best person to ask.

Maidsafe is the company, not a project

The Safe Network is the project at this time and its anyone’s guess as to what Maidsafe shares or MAID/SNT will be worth when the project is launched (success)


Once the Safe network is running all MaidSafe shares should get 5% SafeCoins and than 1% fee from some Apps. I think it is 122 SafeCoins per share ?
But it is not yet confirmed as maybe 1 MAID could be 8 SafeCoins and that would reduce the price of one SafeCoin ? I am just speculating. Anyway should be more than $60k.

I believe this is 5% reserved for the situation they they want to swap their shares in the company to tokens on the network. That has always been my understanding. Now I may be mistaken and will be happy to be corrected. This is not referring to the Bank to the Future shares in the holding company that holds on the order of 5% Maidsafe shares

And its 15% becomes 100% which is 6.6667 SNT per MAID be it 10% actual MAID or 5% reserved amount. 8 would mean 120% of the 2^32

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As per the original whitepaper Maidsafe shareholders will, collectively, be able to redeem their shares for 5% of the total supply of Safe Network Tokens (aka Safecoin) after the launch of the Network.

If you are a shareholder you should be receiving regular shareholder updates by email. Please do let us know if you are not, and we can make sure your details are on the mailing list.