May 30 SAFE Network: Chicago Meetup

This came up in an email alert I received and wondering if anybody knows who’s running it?

Introduction to Maidsafe & the SAFE network

May 30 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


SAFE Intro & Update
Preview of SAFE sites
How to build a SAFE site in 20 min
Discussion & Upcoming Events


Perhaps this is @Sotros25 ?


Yeah, I’m working with Chicago Blockchain Project to put this on at the end of the month. Finalizing the details, and then will post about it here/on social. Yesterday, I also reached out to Dug and Sarah on this and other potential opportunities to collaborate with CBP. :smile:


Please share the following link on all your (social) networks to help get out the word on the next SAFE Network: Chicago meetup! We’re partnering with Chicago Blockchain Project (yeah…I know, a great opportunity to lead people to the true DLT light that is data chains and PARSEC). :wink:

The event will take place at Robert Morris University at 6 PM on May 30.


SAFE Network: Chicago had a great meetup on 5/30! We had a dozen people show up to learn about the work MaidSafe is doing, including two devs from Vancouver who happened to be in Chicago. A few of the attendees were shocked that they hadn’t heard about the SAFE Network before. I think a lot of that might have to do with empty vessels making the loudest noise :smirk:

Overall, those who were new to the SAFE Network (a little over half of the attendees) were amazed at the scope and aims of the project. They generally accepted that blockchain can’t deliver what SAFE will. Some of the frequent questions were around governance (I.e., what are the rules for updating the underlying protocols once the network is live) and marketing (I.e., what is the strategy for seeding growth on the Network). There was also interest in pivoting to using SAFE for current dApp development.

Definitely excited to start thinking through what the next event should be, and welcome suggestions from the folks here too! :wink:


Well done Sotros25. The ever elusive question of why Devs have never heard of Safe after this period of time is one for the Marketing team to ponder. Cracking it will reap huge rewards


Thank you for the update and telling us how things went and the general attitude towards SAFE the attendees had


Good work, perhaps this needs it’s own thread or amended title to the post?


It looks great @Sotros25, it would have been very cool to be there and see the response of people.
I suspect you did a damn good job with the presentation as well to have had such response!


Just updated the title :smile:


il be in Chicago in a few weeks if anyone wants to meetup and talk tech. pm me.