SAFE cafe #9 Sunday 7pm BST: Privacy, Network99 progress & ETTD

Join us Sunday as we hear from co-host Tim Coomber @we_advance who is rumored to have been wasting good beer on @dirvine and the MaidSafe crew this week. I don’t know if this is really true but he’ll set the record straight & tell us all about his most recent visit down to Troon to hangout w/ core devs & @frabrunelle from the MaidSafe Montreal Pod & @ioptio from SAFE Pod San Francisco who both flew over the pond to grill the team with trivial concerns like: Where are we at w/ that API, @Viv? You know, boring stuff like that. But, I guess they don’t mind since there apparently seems to be a real love fest going on! Don’t miss Tim’s report!

Rich Beer, photographer and visual arts maven will be back again to share his creative ideas on gaining traction for the Network99 startup…that’s if the rain stops in New Mexico and he doesn’t lose power to his router! Some of his brilliant scheming will create some early momentum for the SAFE Network itself. Learn about this killer app if you haven’t read about it yet:

Also, special musical guest, Dan Williams from the pop OMD-inspired retro-techno band Emile’s Telegraphic Transmission Device will be stopping by to tell us what Network99 could mean for him and his musician mates. It’s always cool to talk to artists 'cause they seem to get it about MaidSafe & SafeCoin pretty quick.

Of course, privacy has been a big topic this week w/ too much famous nudity making the headlines. We’ll talk about how Project SAFE seems already to be giving dignity back to all of us. Soon enough, SAFE Network pioneers will be taking matters into their own hands to restore personal privacy thanks to MaidSafe.

So join us in the SAFE cafe this Sunday and every Sunday at 7pm BST. Here’s the LIVE YouTube link if all you want to do is just watch: SAFE cafe #9: Privacy, Network99 progress & Dan Williams from ETTD - YouTube

If you have a Chrome browser, a Google+ account, you can text in questions & comments during the LIVE broadcast on Sunday. Don’t use the YouTube link above; use this one instead:

Either way, there’s a seat waiting for you in the SAFE cafe!

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Hello, Long time lurker, first time poster. David Lasoff, I just could not help but to ask you about this. And perhaps the community, do you really mean the things in this article?

Peace will never come until we destroy the Hamas, dismantle the PA and re-assert control over ill-conceived territorial concessions in many different areas including Gaza, Judea and the Shomron and also in major population centers like Yericho, Ramallah, Shechem and other places ceded under Oslo which treaty the current PA leadership has now abrogated by forming their newest covenant with death: unifying with Hamas. These facts make Oslo null and void.

We need to pull our societal head out of our societal tuchus and stop being suckers for our enemies and fight them until they ‘cry uncle’ once and for all. To accomplish this do-able feat, we need to find them and destroy them even if it needs to be a continual generational enterprise ad infinitum until they surrender. Yes, I’ve heard the arguments that we’re too tired now and that this is no way to live. Tell me, what’s the viable alternative? We’ve tried them all and they have failed. We can’t keep going around in circles with Hamas. We have to definitively deal with them now, especially since we’ve turned the blind eye to their ascendancy.

Are these views that MaidSafe is aligned with? How does one enter a forum like, and then have such articles?

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David doesn’t work for Maidsafe and everybody can join this forum. That’s all I can say about this and I guess @dllasoff will respond soon :).

P.S. I didn’t read the article, my post was only intended to let you know David doesn’t work for Maidsafe.



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As Melvin has said, Mr Lasoff does not work for MaidSafe. His political views are his own and, utterly repugnant as they are to any decent person, he is entitled to them.

I personally will not be interacting with Mr Lasoff if I can help it at all,
Unfortunately this may mean I miss out on some of the “social” activities but there is often a price to be paid for sticking to ones principles,
Totally without my permission he has added me to his Google circles - Be assured @dllasoff
, you are NO part of MY circles.
The same goes for ANY Israeli unless they can convince me they do not share such vile attitudes.

Boycott, Divest Sanction ← hit the Israelis where it REALLY matters to them, in their pockets.


Yes, I personally just ignore all these DLasoff posts about safecafe, network99 etc and have done from early on. I also asked weeks ago what differentiates this from spam in the "Middlemen, builders etc thread, Not my cup of tea, or cafe to drink it in really.


I guess that my opinion will be considered “toilet paper” according to your following quote:
“Also, you Jews who live in the US who won’t make aliyah…on second thought, your opinion counts about as much as the used toilet paper I flushed after my breakfast this morning.”
Not only do you shamelessly emphasize your hate against Arabs and Arab sympathizers, but you also disclose your anti-semitism against non-zionist Jews.


I do agree with you that anyone should be allowed to join this forum, but I find it unfortunate that Maidsafe is being infiltrated on an early stage by such a vile personality with genocidal tendencies.


Not great. Best to work through this before launch I’d expect.

I think the community could benefit with a statement and dialouge from @dllasoff.

I would be interested to know if David will continue to air his political views whilst being a champion for ProjectSAFE.

Disappointed that moderators have not picked up the delicate nature of this and facilitated some dialogue.

I’ve tried to contact him through a personal message but I think he doesn’t spend very much time on this forum. I guess he will get back at me and give a response once he’s back here.

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I agree, it would be good to get a statement from David


The guy’s allowed to express his own opinions, but not when representing/promoting or in any way associating himself with Maidsafe in my view - it is totally counter productive. I’ve asked many times what distinguishes his posts from spam, or himself from a middleman (because he was railing against middlemen in his maidsafe related blog - still no satisfactory answer.
By the way what happened with the Keiser report thing? I suggested it on the forum in July and you yourself (Nick) said we were better keeping powder dry, then a couple of weeks later he’s booked you on the show with no acknowledgement or statement whatsoever on this forum?
Personally I’d recommend stopping him posting/spamming on the forum, we really don’t need this kind of crap being associated with such an important project - especially as he seems to go his own way, do what he wants and has no interest in the community or forum or popular consensus except to promote his own self serving interests.
If that’s construed as a personal attack, GOOD…IT WAS MEANT AS SUCH.
Ban Hammer coming…lol


Not sure what you mean Al, can please be more specific? There are multiple threads on the forum relating to the Max Keiser Interview.

Sorry it was the Edward Snowden thread I posted on and it was this thread that you expressed you thought it best to keep powder dry in regard to attracting that kind of publicity . The other threads relating to Keiser were after you were booked on I believe. When I queried with DIrvine how this came about, he replied that DLasoff had arranged it. This annoyed me because a) it appeared to be contrary to the wishes of the team and b), because it was not discussed on the forum first. C) because DLasoff doesn’t discuss on the forum, other than to promote his various schemes.
The guy’s also had plenty of time to respond to legitimate community concerns, thereby displaying a certain disregard…

He’s also made another handle btw @Coffee


No problem, thanks for explaining. I wouldn’t be too harsh with regard to the Max Keiser interview, it was done with the right intentions and was of benefit to the SAFE technology and the community. His political views are clearly a different matter.


Yes, fair enough

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I also thought that Max Keiser would be good exposure :slight_smile:

Chris Foster @chris_foster · Jul 13
@maxkeiser likes to talk about breaking bitcoin startups but has missed the big daddy @maidsafe

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As mod: I don’t see this as part of my role as moderator. I think mods are tasked with doing as little intervention as needed to ensure open and productive discussion is possible, rather than facilitating or guiding it. We are here to respond to concerns and to help the community when it is felt that intervention is needed. If people want to comment on @chrisfostertv’s point or my response, let’s spin off a topic for that.

As me, a community member, I chose not to come in here because I was interested to see @dllasoff response. He hasn’t responded, and as @ioptio points out has created another handle to use for posting about Safe Cafe. This suggests to me that he’s trying to keep his political persona and views separate from his Safe Cafe because he knows it is likely to be shunned by people here if he doesn’t. Personally I don’t like that because it feels dishonest towards anyone who missed this, although I also can’t justify posting information discovered off-site about someone unless it is relevant to Project SAFE, which I don’t think this information was. I also understand why the poster would feel it important to share. If anyone went through all the stuff I’ve posted online in my life I’m sure there are things that I’d be embarrassed to see turning up here, or positions I’ve taken that others strongly disagree with (I know that because its happened here too! :-)).

As a community I think we can legitimately regulate behaviour and we can be open about our views on other people’s views, and we can legitimately do research and if we find it relevant to the project it is fair enough to share it. Some political positions might be relevant to report here - someone found defending government surveillance for example - but beyond something like that I don’t think we should get into what political views are acceptable to hold within the community unless there’s good reason to see them as relevant to Project SAFE.

PS In fact @dllasoff has at least three handles here because he also has @dl99pr


Well said, part of freedom is the freedom to speak and have differing views on some issues. I personally have different views from some as I am sure folk will appreciate. I sometimes say them, I am rubbish at hiding stuff, it’s not my nature. It’s also good to get corrected and learn. I also realise some people may have views others or me will find questionable and I think this is part of life. As we move along and educate then I feel we need to accept views and if we feel repulsed, say so.

Well said @happybeing , I hope this place has differing views and I hope SAFE has them to, I also hope we do not hound people for those views but instead engage and debate with facts and empathy. Agree on the relevance to SAFE in this place though.

For this forum I completely think you mods have it right and allow a lot of leeway which says a lot about you as a team. It must be hard to allow personally repulsive views, but important to be able to. Thanks mods I think you do a great job and I hope you continue to.