RPI 4: Is this thing even on?

Been running a RPI 4, ostensibly as a member of wave 2, for a few weeks. (Referral code came 6/13). Experimentation had it up to 20 nodes (with an external drive) without noticeably interfering with the the rest of my network traffic, and nodes consistently show as running with connections when I check using node-launcher, safenode-manager, or vdash.

None of that seems to matter though - there have been a few times where vdash reports earned nanos, they inevitably disappear and the /rank bot has never acknowledged receiving anything. What’s up with that? How would I find out?

I’ve seen claims in discord that it’s supposed to take a while, but it’s hard to tell what constitutes “a while,” and it seems like there are other folks who are not effectively invisible.


There is a issue with arm. You may want to wait for the next release.


What’s the issue with ARM? Half my nodes are running on ARM and I’m getting more nanos than some people I know running about half my node count fully on x64 hardware.

My monitoring is pretty lacking, but I used that as a basis to assume my nodes were working…



Yeah, Bux ended up discussing. Thanks!

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What node version are you running?

I suspect 108.3-alpha.1 us the only one that has the correct PK