Referral code going

DM if interested. Helps me boost earnings too, cheers.


I have a referral code too. If someone needs it, send me a personal message.
Update: it has been sent to the highest bidder.

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I also have a referral/invite code up for grabs - if anyone still needs one to get up and running?
Please send me a personal message.

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Likewise - I also have a code. DM me if you need it.

If anyone wants to join the beta network test without waiting for wave 2, I will offer a referral code and help to get the nodes up and running! Please send me a message.

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Same here. I can give you my referral code. DM me if you need one :slight_smile: .

I might as well chime in with 2 referrals available to genuine people. DM me here. You cannot on discord.

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DM me for a code to jump the line.
(I’ll delete this post when I’m out of codes.)

I join the train, have 2 codes.

Can I use a code more than once?

wave 1 people can use the code once then once that person is in a wave you have 2 more uses

Wave 2 is either 2 or 3 and same conditions first use has to have the person in a wave on discord then the other 1 or 2 can be used

discord says I have more nanos than my nodes tell me is in a wallet - whats going to happen with this as we move forward to live?

Your nodes should have zero all the time if you set up the owner (discord ID) correctly

The launchpad only shows the last session of its running.

The nanos on /rank is what the beta program thinks you earned.

The leader board is based on weekly earning not total. I guess there will be an overall leader board. The /rank needs fixing though since it is using total earned and not the past week. Will be done Monday

After the beta program is finished, which is before going live, the owner will be removed and maybe replaced by a wallet to send nanos to (your wallet normally) or left blank and be sent to the node’s wallet (lost on resets)

Ok cool that makes sense. I aint really got many anyway, waiting on piece parts to fix my network. Glad this pushed me to do it (he says, before realising its going to break everything).

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I still have 2 codes for anyone interested. Just DM me :slight_smile:

I have 2 codes as well for anyone interested.

New members to the forum will not be able to DM

So for New Users please post here asking for a code. You can choose the person you want it from if you want by asking them specifically to DM you.

But I do ask you only accept one person and use one code. Otherwise multiple people might think their code is used up when it isn’t

DM me if you need a code or reach me in Discord at 0belius

hey I got 1 code left if any1 wants it should me a msg

On Discord @dimitar said “Code promotion should be banned in chat because it’s better if everyone go find someone outside the community to join.”

This needs repeated - go punt your referral codes OUTSIDE the existing community.

NOT in chat - its perfectly OK to ASK for a referral code - its NOT OK to be too lazy to do the real work of engaging new folk and try to punt your referral code in here or in Discord.