Supporting Children, Parents and Families using Maidsafe

Ok what has always aggrivated me about our society is we really don’t support parents. There’s a moderate amount of support for children but no real support for parents. And so I’m thinking let’s make an app for that. Let’s make an app that supports families; that supports children, parents, the whole family.

So here are my brainstormed ideas so far, add more as you are inspired.

  • Anonymous, privately declared or publically declared crowedfunding to families, in whole or in part (ie you can donate to just children, just parents, just single parents or couples, base it on gender, disabled, poor, based on geographic location, age, whatever your criteria are. You can donate individually or as a group.).

  • Anonymous and/or confidential counseling for parents and children. This can be for health (both physical, mental and spirital), this can be various parenting methods, abuse, grief counseling, bullying, interpersonal relationships, things you just cannot talk to your parents or kids about, etc etc. Professional mental health care workers could be crowdfunded should one want to take that route or one could work with non professionals (there are those that just simply do not trust those in the medical establishment). The point here is to a) be honest with people and b) give them options. c) give them information. d) Keep them from feeling isolated, let them know there is help out there.

  • Information resources. Many of these could be links to public files but could be filtered based on the parent or child’s belief system or situation. How do you change a diaper? My teenager is rebelling, HELP! I’m a single Dad and my daughter just hit her period and now I have to buy her tampons… which one do I choose? How do I best get puke stains out of my carpet? Omg I love my kids so much how do I face the inevitablity that they’ll eventuallly grow up and get lives of their own? You know shit like that. Parenting manuals. Then more books for kids and how to help them get through life. The resource section. How best to breastfeed, orgasmic waterbirthing, attatchment parenting, nutrition guides, all that lovely stuff would be in there.

  • Peer to peer babysitting service. Like you’d place an ad for babysitting and search the netwrok for a sitter and could pay them in cash or safecoin. Or here’s a thought have others who support parents donate to a fund, or specifically to your account, to pay for babysitters for you via safecoin. Same could be done for daycare. Note: Personally I’m an advocate of attatchment parenting and actually taking care of your kids yourself but I recognize that parents need options and support since not everyone uses the same style of parenting.

  • Used Supplied fund. People could network and share between families old toys, books, clothes, and other supplies that they might not be using that could be used by other families. Hopefully this could be done on the local level but it’s not inconceivable that trades and donations could be shipped long distance.

(I’m going to post now because firefox has already crashed once and this post is getting rather long. Thank god for maidsafe autosave.)


  • Reputation/attraction system for babysitters, parenting stratagies, counselors, trades (people you trade with), various media, etc etc. This could be specific to the app or use the safe networks default reputation system or both.

  • Coordination between parents for various activities, carpools and get togethers. Also could be used for emergencies in conjuction with the community at large for situations for say a lost child. An alert could be given out with information to look for said child, a database could be developed for this purpose in fact, and the community could keep watch for them. As for the carpooling idea while parents carpool within a local community people also travel from city to city. (That idea could aslo be split into a project of it’s own where people network and hitchhike from town to town with one another. Again reputation is earned via reliability and behavior.)


Interesting thoughts.

What I see happening is crowd funding happening more after MaidSafe comes out,

Which will lead to more money going into things like the following, which will make life hugely cheaper for all the families and people of the world, and allowing for more global freedom. :slight_smile: Things like:

  • solar (smaller, cheaper kits for families to eliminate their electric bills)
  • 3D printing (free toys, even food is being printed)
  • innovative housing projects (China is showing us up by 3D printing homes for super cheap)

Etc etc

So I think that families will all be helped this way, after MaidSafe allows for more free allocation of money directly, to help fund innovation and technology.

Everything becomes cheaper as we improve our tools (technology).

And MaidSafe will drastically help the money get to the right places.


Yeah that’s if the gov’t doesn’t try to stop it all.

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They would have to put a cop into every home, library and coffee shop to stop the masses from doing what they want on their computers :slight_smile:

And I don’t see the people standing for that.

I sure as hell wouldn’t.


Or they could just regulate access to technology. Yeah that’d go over well.

The thing is we’re basically replacing banks and gov’t funding with croundfunding and cryptocurrency.


They tried banning certain technologies like Twitter and stuff in turkey, Egypt and Iran, and it worked for like-- a day?!

Lol and then we all know what happened after that!! :slight_smile:

I like this idea, but don’t you think this would be better integrated with a community-based social network? For example, I wouldn’t trust some online stranger to babysit my kids, but if it’s part of a social network where people are connected and know each other (kind of like Facebook). The local community that I’m a part of will be able to check out my babysitter or crowdfunding requests, for example.

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Yes keeping things local would be best but also consider putting a reputation system on top of the social network. Imagine yuo got referals and “attracts” from multiple succesful sittings. Lots of possitive feedback from parents and children alike. Even if you didn’t know the babysitter yurself you’d see all the possitive reputation and decide to try them out.

Likewise if yuo say a lot of negetive reputation you’d know to stay away from them.

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With all the different ideas for local crowdfunding, reputation, jobs, etc, it’d be cool to have a social media site with “plugins”, such as this babysitting/family support one. That way people wouldn’t have to fill out new profiles every time they want to join something local. Reputation can be either built into the main network, or have separate ratings for each “plugin”.