I made logos for all the SAFE Apps!

Hey guys!!!

I made a website & logos for the Apps! We needed more info/hype on them. CHECK IT OUT HERE!!

Example logos:
Made this for the browser, which is using the firefox extension for now.

This is for the distributed computation part of SAFE.

Etc. etc. I could go on all day with all of them. But just go to the site to see them all!

Also, I officially release all these logos and the site into the public domain, so anyone can use any of them for anything. Go start businesses with them! Get coding!!


I decided to put all the info in a comment instead, so it’s easier to read. Here’s all the info:

So Apps are the most important part of the SAFE Network. They are the only reason most people will ever care about it.

These are the things that people will use, and make SAFE mainstream.

…so I want to make sure they have all the representation they deserve!!

I photoshopped-up about 30 logos for SAFE Apps today, and coded up a lil website to display them on. CHECK IT OUT!!

Logos were the main focus today, so sorry that the site itself is a little rough. Everything is from scratch so it’s not the best :stuck_out_tongue:

But hey I want to get input from @happybeing and @dallyshalla because their apps are on here, and I’m making pages describing them so I want to have the info right. Also I’ll make a more finished product, so when I get the page design looking professional, perhaps @dirvine or @nicklambert or @ioptio would think about adding the final version to maidsafe.net? Would be a dream come true for me but no pressure :smile: and @Blindsite2k this is the idea I said I was gonna steal some info from u for :slight_smile:

CHECK IT OUT!! What yu think?

Oh, DON’T FORGET! The first two apps on the site “LifeStuff” and “SAFEpress” are clickable, and link to pages you can go to and read! Those 2 pages are done, but the others aren’t yet :stuck_out_tongue: Hey @happybeing could you give me a lil info on the SAFEpress page, in case you want me to change / add anything?

I mostly did this to help spur innovation for App devs, since these apps right here are gonna be the next BILLION DOLLAR businesses, and I have NO DOUBT the FIRST TRILLION DOLLAR business will happen on SAFE!! :smiley:


I really like the blue firefox , i think blue is probably the best color to represent freedom u know the sea,the sky,the birds,the dolphins…etc the team made a good choice in that regard.

the name safebook made me lol pretty hard though not sure why


lol thanks! but hey I made the blue firefox logo :stuck_out_tongue: (and everything else lol)

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yeah those looks very good ,well done!

what do you think about copyright? wouldn’t it cause some issue if devs create a safebook exactly like facebook?

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lol totally yeah @malice, but two things:

  1. who can enforce copyright on SAFE businesses / apps? Nobody can ever find out who made what! :smiley: but more importantly:

  2. I bet the people won’t make it like Facebook at all, and that logo probably won’t actually get used. SAFE Network will allow for a much better social network app than FB, so the social network that takes over on SAFE will be completely different. So I’m not really serious about that logo. Was just to get people thinking actually :slight_smile: this might be a common theme with several others too

And just so people can know what this is, this is a COMPLETE list of all the UNIQUE ideas that have been expressed for the SAFE Network so far.

It includes everything from the Most Wanted Apps thread, and everything from every podcast, FAQ, YouTube interview, etc etc I have ever heard proposed for the SAFE Network.

It doesn’t include logos for any of the ideas for things that already exist, like “A Quickbooks clone for SAFE,” or, “A YouTube-Killer for SAFE.” This is only the NEW ideas; things that have never existed yet because they aren’t possible without the SAFE Network. Like neo-cortex for humans on the cloud :slight_smile: futuristic ideas.

That’s what these logos are! :smiley:

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Thanks for doing this. Gives one a lift!

I really like SAFE Messages and Safe OS.

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Exactly…that’s the thing…

That’s great, keep doing what you love doing it’s what it’s all about. Love your spirit and enthusiasm…great stuff :smiley:


Hahaha - my favourite is “SAFE Leaks” :smiley:

I absolutely love it!


I am sorry to say this, but those aren’t good logos.
First: there is a lack of identity by copying other logos and modifying it.
Secondly: there isn’t any coherent style behind them.

Although the effort is appreciated, they don’t look professional.

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for online dating?


I think that one was made from someone’s “most wanted app” suggestion. If I recall the idea was a dating or casual hookup site aptly named safesex.
@whiteoutmashups I think you could probably further elaborate if need be but I think your Firefox extension image looks awesome and I bet some of the images will be used for people developing in the community. I think you made a good effort!

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Dating? Uhhh, this seems strait to the point. lol! No need to beat around bushes :grinning:

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I think a clear distinction should be made. A disclaimer that clarifies that the name of the network doesn’t imply protection from disease. :wink:


I really like the SAFEpress page, very clear and a good summary. Thank you.

I would change “CrouchDb” to “SAFE Network” and I’m not comfy with “WordPress for SAFE” as the title. Maybe title it “Website Builder for SAFE Network”. It’s OK to mention WordPress as a similar tool, but they will differ considerably so it’s better not in the title.

The SAFEpress logo on your collage page looks like the very simple one I made, or did I miss something? Ah, yes, just seen your post that you included that with the others… best to mention that :slight_smile:

I think this is a great initiative, will definitely get people thinking, and hopefully inspire more people to feel they can join in and contribute to SAFENnetwork or other SAFE App projects. It shows anyone with enthusiasm has something to offer, not just coders etc. There’s so much more to creating a useful App than writing the software, and plenty of work for anyone who feels inspired to help a particular project. It’s my intention that everyone who contributes to SAFEpress will get some of the rewards, or some recognition, depending on the degree of their contribution. That will be hard to get right, and I’m asking people just to trust and accept my judgement in that, which is a big ask, but for main contributors I’ll be happy to negotiate something more concrete as appropriate. I’d even step out of the project altogether if I believed it would do better that way. If only we had something like BuildItHub this would be a cynch… @chadrickm come back, we need you!

By the way, the SAFEpress logo was just a placeholder I put together quickly. It would do I guess, but if you or anyone would like to have a go at improving it pleeeeease do.

Thanks again! :smile:

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A SAFE Pokedex sounds most appealing! Will it highlight the naughty Pokemon and keep my Charizard from attacking my Bulbasaur? I’m a horrible trainer. I leave it to my dex to do the delegating. :blush: Seriously though, good work. Your passion is inspiring. :thumbsup:

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Heeh! I’m watching from the corners. Awesome project you have here @happybeing. Lots of other things going on in my life, but I hope to jump back into some Safe dev stuff when the time is right.


Blue firefox logo is awesome.

I still think we should be using next-generation browser, servo. But that logo doesn’t exist, yet.


I’m glad you’re still around @chadrickm and hope life is treating you well. I hope very much you’ll be jumping in and building at some point :smile: