One does not simply waltz into CMake

After spending the bulk of the weekend playing with logical matches and running with binary scissors I’ve decided I need to learn CMake fast to understand how MaidSafe is put together. I have been burned and cut and now the pain has made me seek knowledge. How does one learn CMake? The tutorials I’ve readily found are far from concise nor are they widely available. Is there a recommended book or resource? Are there any goals or assumptions I need to be aware of when looking at the build configuration for maidsafe?


Our resident cmake guru is @anon86652309 we fight continually as he is an expert in cmake and I hate complexity so best to ask him. I tried philosophical arm wresting but his approach is you just need to do it and do it right. We both admit it is way less than a scripting language though (I think). I much prefer simple and if folk cut of their legs it’s their fault. No answer is right though, but @anon86652309 must be wrong, I know it:smiley: D


I keep waltzing into CMake. It gives me a bloody nose…