Maidsafe app programming - complete newbie

Hello Maidsafe community,

I understand and fully support what you are all doing and I would like to contribute with my own app. If I should ever build an app, it does only make sense to me to build it on top of maidsafe.

However, there is a problem - I have a zero programming background. I really mean zero - the only program I ever did was “Hello World” in Pascal, back in 2000 on high school.

I would be grateful if someone could help me to understand (in layman’s terms) what do I need to learn in order to write programs (or apps?) for maidsafe.

Is there any advice on this?

Thank you,



Hello and welcome @TomMaid . There are quite a few of us here with rusty (rather than Rust-y) or non-existent skills in that department. Some of us are taking the FreeCodeCamp course (see this thread) which starts off with web design and goes on to encompass the full stack if you want to take it that far. So far so good as far as I’m concerned, although it’s a long road ahead.


the first step would probably be to learn some general programming - there was a thread opened not too long back =D How much I want to be able to make apps!

the link in the first post will probably be very helpful for your first steps =)


What @JPL said, freecodecamp is a nice place to get started.


Great minds , etc …!


The easiest way to make a MaidSafe web app in like 20min is to follow the guide I called “APP ZERO” link right here


But if you are completely new to programming, starting with an API seems pretty self defeating. Generally helps to learn to walk before you tryout for the olympics.


I definitely stand by my post :slight_smile:

Was directly related to his question.

Hopefully will lead him to looking up words / js / things he doesn’t know yet, and guide him down the rabbit hole :rabbit:


i think seeing stuff happening and experiencing successes in the early stages of learning is very important to be and stay motivated =)
…so yes … learning basics is essential … but starting out with [not exactly knowing what you are doing but being successful at it] is not a bad thing i’d say =)