Can't access my MaidSafe coin

I import my private key—it says “successfully imported” and shows my wallet address.

Then, it still shows no balance. I have logged in and out and restarted my deleted browser cookies. Even though I can check my balance on omniwallet’s homepage (without logging in) and

What’s the deal? This is lame. Can you help?

whats the public key


Just tried out importing my private key and everything is working just fine. Maybe wait some hours make sure you are using Google chrome.

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Did it last night and this morning on Google Chrome. I’m on Mac OS X. Is that the problem?

I’m a trader and I’ve lost money in the short term due to this problem.

No Mac OS X should be fine… There have been times when omniwallet has malfunctioned for a couple of days… Atep by step what are you doing? Are you able to see the new address after successfully pressing add address after importing the private key?

If you do have the private key to that public key you definitely are in control of your coins

Try can you use your bitcoins?

Does omniwallet should you bitcoins and now maidsafecoins or both not showing in omniwallet

I am in control of my Bitcoins.

Omniwallet says in green: success! 1CJQryJwgzbCGfeWKjdSBurC8c69tTtdoe added to addresses

But then, it’s not there! Never shows any Bitcoin or Maidsafecoin.

how can you have safe coins while i have to wait?

He means MaidSafeCoins

ok… how can you have MaidSafeCoins while i have to wait?

You have 23800 maidsafecoins on that address

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Omniwallet is very slow. I log in to see it sometimes says that my balance is 0. Then I’ll just let it open for some minutes and after some time my balance shows up. My advice would be, just open the wallet and don’t touch it for like 10 or 15 mins. and see what happends.

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@sanderbelou There was a public crowdsale of 10% of future safecoin by virtue of a temporary token, Maidsafecoin, held on the blockchain. If you want Maidsafecoin now, before farming safecoin on the safe network, you have to buy it at the exchange. Plenty of previous threads will explain how.

cheers Ben

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After reading polpolrene’s post I went back to check my omniwallet and sure enough my stuff was working. Thanks!


This is exactly right,

And exactly what I’ve found works too.

But lol, the first time it happened to me, i swear my whole heart almost dropped out of my chest.

I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad when the balance finally popped up though!!!

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