is down

No way to visualize transactions with maidsafecoins, bummer. :frowning:

Omniwallet lets you check balances (no wallet needed, just explorer)


Yes, that’s right smack in the middle of the screen on is a block explorer that will nicely show you maidsafecoin balances as well;

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Hey @dallyshalla how did you get your name to show “SAFE Pod San Francisco” under it?

I’d like to do that as well

that’s a feature @frabrunelle was exploring as he ventured forth into Discourse and it’s functionality,

@frabrunelle has quite some organizing materials for the SAFE Pods

I’d leave it up to him to bring it up when he’s ready :wink:

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there seems to be now, read it in the chat of masterxchange so no idea if this is something reliable :slight_smile: