Replacement for Masterchest Wallet

I was helping a MaidSafeCoiner who had heard that Mastercoin Foundation development focus was being moved away from the Masterchest wallet. I wrote to their lead wallet developer and received the following update, I thought it may be of interest:

"The Masterchest desktop wallet is being depreciated (in that no new features will be released for it).
The reason behind this move is because we are currently focusing almost all development efforts into Mastercore.

A bitcoin-qt based Mastercoin wallet which will takeover as the desktop option (currently slated for initial release August 1st). Masterchest will get critical updates/patches in the interim to keep it in consensus until the new software is released If you can help start spreading the word that would be best. Please make sure anyone who is running Masterchest checks and the Mastercoin blog/reddit for posts about critical updates. Once Mastercore is ready there will be documentation for the move. Omni is also a good alternative for the web based management. All the user needs to start using Omni is the private key for their maidsafe address. After that they create/login to omni and add/import their private key into their wallet and the maidsafe will become available for use."

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Will mastercore support Linux?

Just to be clear… I had the MaidSafecoins I purchased on MasterXchange sent to my wallet and am able to see the balance by pasting the wallet address into Masterchest.

So if I create a wallet with Omni and import my Blockchain private key, I will then see the MaidSafecoins in my balance, and can move them out of that wallet when required? And will this setup then enable me to go through the required process when MaidSafecoins are swapped for Safecoins?

I believe so: Master Core – Omni please note comments from dacoinminster (Mastercoin Founder J.R Willett).

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Yes, that is my understanding David.

I believe that the process for swapping MaidSafeCoins for safecoins has not been defined yet. AFAIK swapping the coins will require you to be able to move your MaidSafeCoins and therefore a compatible wallet will be required. Apologies that I cannot be more definitive at this point.

Okay, thanks :smile: - I will wait for the actual swap procedure to be defined before moving to the wallet.

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Sounds good David, I’m doing the same thing.


My Masterchest wallet is no longer syncing with my Bitcoin QT client as of this morning.
I’m patiently waiting for the release of the Mastercore wallet on Aug 1.

Fingers crossed.

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Not long now, AFAIK they are planning to release on schedule

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Update: There appears to be a windows build on github, so you’d have to be a coder to use it. Not useful for the average user. There is also apparently 5 hours or so to go until launch, (I thought time was up) so maybe it will be wonderful.


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They need a break so I hope so.

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So do I for Maidsafe and so do I for their investors and devs. Well…time’s up and message says “Links will be announced shortly”,no indication of how shortly though, so its a wait and see for the Mastercoin community again…no lessons learned then and pretty pointless countdown tbh.

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It’s finally here

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I still wouldn’t touch it! It’s beta, its been rushed to make an artificial deadline, and held back a few hours to fix a last minute bug.

This is OK if you’re putting out a free game, but IMO amounts to negligent product development process when this is a wallet.


I know its a shame, it appears to be the people at the foundation that are receiving most people’s ire. I think most devs are pretty blameless. Decision making just seems daft, communication is a massive problem. I mean after all the criticisms why make such a song and dance about Mastercore with a countdown…I was expecting fireworks or something. But seriously…a countdown to nothing except a “Coming Soon” sign - it just displays a combination of Grandiosity and Ineptitude…incompetence at least in communicating and promoting at any rate.
I don’t agree with the pitchfork and torch brigade, but heads must surely roll.