How do I send Safecoins?

Hi, I was recently gifted some safecoins from someone, and I’m very interested in the network.
I received the coins on a wallet where I control the private key, and it appears I have received a small amount of Bitcoin. From what I understand maidsafe uses mastercoin, can anyone help me to understand how I can transfer these tokens?

I am using omniwallet which is supposed to be mastercoin compatible, but there are no msafecoins displayed.

I’m sure someone here has run into the issue of transmitting coins. I would greatly appreciate some help.

I’ve moved them from an exchange, which I’d imagine is very similar.

You need to have a little bit of bitcoin in the wallet to make the transfer. Check the balance of the address on the front page of

After that, I believe it should be as simple as just transferring w/ a little btc.

Thanks russell,

The thing is I don’t see a balance of MaidSafeCoin in Omniwallet, only the little BTC from initial transaction.

Is there some UI to send a specific coin? Do you have possibly a screenshot of what you’re seeing in omniwallet or what wallet are you using for transfers?

Check your balance by doing this:

On masterchest I am able to see the balance.

Omniwallet I am not

Very strange, any idea on how to proceed?

That is a strange issue I think. It would be best to jump onto omni support and see what they see. Sounds like a bug.

Oh wow. Strange. What’s the consensus warning in the upper-right of the second image?

Master Core release August 1st 8pm eastern

That should be 100 times better I think.

It states that there are differences in implementation of consensus verification for mastercoin implementations.

Well let’s see what the master core release brings. Although a little confused, because it’s 8pm EST now, and still time left. :smile:

Also, just to clarify that the MaidSafeCoins you own are proxy tokens as the Safe network doesn’t exist, yet. Come public beta release, you will trade them 1-for-1.

Yes I understand that, was just trying to move them to another wallet.

By the way the tokens magically appeared in my balance. So thanks for the help and learning experience.