Lost here

Hello, My questions:Since I was away for sometime , I wonder what has happened to the spreadsheet and where I can check about the safecoins I have bought. I dont know where I can find that information…thanks

Try Google or search this forum.

Go to masterchest.info and typ in the address you bought them with.

Sorry for the late response…

Do you still know the Bitcoin address/MSC address that you bought the Maidsafecoins with? If so? you can got to:

In this case

is the part where you put your Bitcoin address/MSC address in the URL. Then you can see your coins, I can’t really help you with which wallet you used.

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Thank you bro… that helped.! :slight_smile:

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I’m happy to help

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Sorry to say this but I find Mastercoin and all their wallets totally counter-intuitive. I had to use MSC for the ITO to buy Safecoin. Now I have SAFE and can identify them on Masterchest or whatever but I have no idea how to move the coins to an exchange despite reference to the “now that Masterchest is dead what to do.doc”… I have an OmniWallet set up but still no clue as to how to get at my precious SAFE. I wealy dislike Mastercoin! Can anyone help me retrieve my SAFE? I have mastered the various BTC wallets, Counterparty, Clearinghouse, NXT, BTSX but Mastercoin always defeats me. Help!

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On omni. Import private key from bitcoin address your maidsafecoin are on. Then use omni to send to any other bitcoin address.

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Thanks for reply. I managed to trace back to the wallet I used to buy the SAFE and, because it was an Electrum, could export key from menu option. Have now imported to Omniwallet. However, I prefer not store on an exchange so what wallets are available for SAFE? Does MaidSafe have or plan one?

No specialist MaidSafeCoin wallets I’m afraid @altpath. MaidSafeCoin is an intermediary coin (for this reason no developers will make a wallet that would be very short lived) and will be swapped on a 1:1 basis for safecoin once the network goes into public beta. Safecoins can only exist on the SAFE network and I expect there to be many wallets developed pre and post launch. There will also be a safecoin wallet inherent within the SAFE client. I hope this info helps.

You can use blockchain.info wallet. I would advice you to enable 2FA.

Thanks for the info. I will wait patiently for SAFE network launch and a SAFE wallet. Maybe someday we will have wallets that can access, hold and even trade any token.

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Thanks. Always a good idea to use 2FA and to keep a note of manual entry code in case phone turns into a brick.

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It’s me again. I found my MAID and they show in my Omni wallet. I want to move my MAID to Poloniex. Not to sell but to get them as far as possible from Mastercoin or any of their wallets. I created a new btc address on the omni and funded it with sufficient to cover transfer fees etc. I tried to send the Maid and was reminded to ensure I had enough btc. As there are 3 btc addresses on the omni, one of them being the one “holding” the Maid, I tried to fund that address but was informed that it is not a valid btc address (even though Omni lists it as one of my btc addresses ).
Does anybody out there know how to move Maid from Omni to a Maid address on an exchange. ? Sorry if I am being dumb and just not seeing how intuitive and easy to use Omni really is.

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Finally managed to btc fund the address holding the Maid and now trying a send. Looks like it will work. Getting the masses to use wallets like this may take some time but it is early days.
Lesson learned. It did work.
If you use Omni wallet to store Maid and you want to send Maid from it, you must fund the btc address containing the Maid with some btc to cover fees. A very small amount of btc eg .001btc. Obvious to those who already know but a bit tricky for newcomers. I hope this helps any other noobs (like me) to master the task.


i still can’t figure it out…could you screenshot/screencast what you did?

It was a bit of a challenge all right.
If you have some Maid in your Omni wallet, you should see an address associated with the Maid and the same address should be shown as one of your btc addresses.So, the same address twice.
It took me ages to figure out a way to copy/paste the btc address but eventually I clicked on the “options” to the right of the btc address and it gave me the option to delete the address. I didn’t delete it of course but found I could “copy” the address from that option menu.
After that, you need to go to your btc wallet and send some btc to the relevant Omni btc address.
I can’t remember how much btc is needed to cover Mastercoin and BTC miner fees but pretty sure btc0.001 will be enough.
Hope that helps.