MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

God bless the hodlers in these times…

Looks like we’re only on HitBTC and Polo these days, and is HitBTC still falsely reporting it’s volume? Did any final answer come from the discussions on that?

Polo seems like the only time tested trusted exchange these days, would be great if there was at least a backup exchange but alas. I no longer think that would affect the price, but would be a nice security against anything going wrong with Polo, knock on wood.

Really just gotta get this network live, that’s the only thing that can help price. I’m really in that boat now that everything has crashed 90%+


After the Safe Fleming post today, my perfect scenario is that Bitcoin falls to $1000 in the next 6 months, we can back the truck up and fill up on Maid at ludicrous prices (they are pretty well there now) and sit back and wait for a couple of years. Exciting times

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I think fleming will increase the price too, but the real price movement comes in when we have a beta. :sunglasses:

Edit: It will not take that long for sure :smiley:


and all that would do down the track is get you into a whole lot more mischief and strangely enough cause you way more stress :wink: :smile:

I’m happy if they can reach Fleming, Bitcoin goes down there’s going to be a hell of a solid case to present to any prospective backers…


Of course you never know, but, i would like to think if bitcoin dropped to 1k, ( i certainly hope it recovers from here rather than going down further ), the price as denoted in btc would shoot up pretty rapidly to account for the relative drop in fiat price.
As you said yourself maid is already near “ludicrous prices”.
I highly doubt we will go down much from here in fiat terms.
We will see, all fun and games.
Bitcoin dropping alot further hurts the whole crypto economy, not sure why you would wish for that.
Your greed for cheap maid maid could possibly be satisfied, but at what cost?

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At one level, I’m thinking Safecoin will be the new Bitcoin. I can’t wait for Safecoin to stand on it’s own merits and the world appreciate what has been taking these crazy galoots beavering away, year after year, to create.


Say no more…

It will also stand on its own ground, which is the network, and this is the main difference compared to other cryptos - “the ground” is so much more, and there is only one viable currency there.


IF it really becomes a thing, the SAFE Network will deliver what many other crypto projects claim to be or aspire to become – a digital economy of sorts.

It really will have the power to push fiat out of the vendor-client way much more than any other so-called digital coin has done so far because it will actually offer something unique for the coin other than transferring the coin and exchanging it for fiat.

If we get right down to it, BTC and its million copycats are a funny way to go FIAT 2 FIAT.

First, it was backed by the late noughties / early teens (now relict) propaganda of everything-anti-bank-is-cool, these days it’s just “sell them their own greed, and not on the cheap”.

Come nitty-gritty, it offers electricity consumption and a tracking tool that’s all cool unless it’s used against you.

Mass adoption? Yeah, sure. Regular folks love it cause it’s like the most complicated and expensive way to transfer take-a-guess-how-much while being kept a record of anyone has ever created.

People will never ever mass-adopt BTC unless they’re forced to by authorities, because it offers them nothing.

It has paved the way to fund this project in the token manner. Cool. You can chip yourself with an under-the-skin wallet and use it to pay for a coffee in Prague and feel all futuristic, knowing this expense will be kept on blockchain (supposedly forever). Cool. You can name yourself CryptoDiane, CryptoBoiRulez, CryptoAnyBloodyThing and shill, shill, shill your life away on Twitter. You can draw triangles all over trading charts and hope to get rich. You can churn out millions of articles a week analyzing how much will the biggest sandalmaker in Ecuador going crypto influence the markets on Monday.

You can BS yourself into thinking all the great things that can come out of BTC are just a matter of adoption (and time). But there is also this point of realization BTC has been adopted by the most capable people since 2009. And it’s just struck me!

2009 was the high point of the BTC adoption in terms of brain power.

That’s why I’m starting to see the crypto scene through Vitalik Buterin’s eyes more and more. If they haven’t made anything greater with it than buying an island and turning pedo by now, it’s not gonna happen with more people falling in the trap.

And that’s why going for SAFE makes so much more sense. It may not happen like we’ve dreamed up, but you can say you have never sold your soul (no matter how many bits it has). I seldom see anyone wilting with the market here. That’s because this thing is actually based on idea. And huge part of that idea is a freedom of choice. SAFE Network will do best when people wanna choose if, when and how. In the end, BTC would do best if you had no choice but to use it. I’m really looking forward to cutting away from BTC and its crypto culture BS. Rough times or not.


Why maid is so down today? 5 cents coming…

The Bitcoin tide.
All other coins are ships going up n down.

Enjoy it while it lasts, we’re all like an invincible Super Mario at the moment… easy coins laying everywhere.


Am I the only one that begins to be tired of waiting for Safenetwork first release? I’ve followed this project for more than 2 years but still nothing really exciting as end user… I know that this is a very complex task but it’s like there is still a few years to wait… And still no roadmap to fix a calendar (even if it will change for sure). :disappointed_relieved:


Patience is a virtue. Rome wasnt built in a day. I think you will see something substantial in less than 2 years. Forget about Maid, block it out, do something else and check back in at the end of 2019 and see if you still have the same opinion.


With the general place that they are at, if it’s not end user operational in 2 years, there won’t be money left (most likely) to finish without a cash infusion so I would hope that is not the case.

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There are not very transparent about the financial resources needed to achieve the network and if they have enough cash. I hope they have but as the time goes, I feel less and less confident of their ability to deliver what they have planned… Finger crossed.


You have no idea what funds they have. They may have sold a bunch of btc at the super inflated bubble peak for all we know.

They don’t seem like a company worried about money. They are expanding and adding lots of new heads. I’m not worried at all on this front, personally.


That was an inference drawn from posts about 8 months ago. Of course I don’t know but I think it has to be at least mentioned or considered. They aren’t very transparent with what funds they have which is tough as someone who wants both the network and financial gain to digest.

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Some people after cheap coins I see.

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Afaik they are very transparent and have stated many times over where these numbers are reported, being as they are a business.

Fairly sure i didnt imagine it all, or that it wasnt in an alternate universe i was visiting.

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Well a lot more transparent than normal companies to the general public. Additionally they have stated many times that they file their returns to the government and thus publicly available.

And even if they posted their daily spendings and available funds there would be those who would still question their transparency. And some people questioning why money was spent on this or that without any business training or experience.

Experience helps to calm the nerves.